Month: May 2018

  • Reach the stars: aim high and reach the career of your dreams

    Reach for the stars: aim high and reach the career of your dreams

    Getting the career of your dreams takes an awful lot of hard work and dedication. However, you can stack the odds in your favor by preparing in the most appropriate ways. You need to be clever, put in the research in and really ask yourself what it is you need to do to secure the job. Changing careers does mean you usually need to start at the bottom of the pack, but if it means taking on a career that you actually want instead of being stuck in one you hate then it’s well worth it. Here is your action plan so you can go about it.

  • 4 Things you need to do to achieve your dream life

    4 Things you need to do to achieve your dream life

    What would it mean to you to have the life of your dreams? Would you even know if you were living it right now, or would you have missed the signs and kept your gaze fixed on the horizon?

    In today’s super-fast digital world, it is easy to have dreams sold to us by media and marketing businesses that tell us what to want. Big brands manipulate us into thinking about how we’ll never really be content until, or unless, we have their latest, biggest product in our hands, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous (as shown to us by carefully curated TV shows) expand and distort our sense of what the good life means.

    But have you ever really sat down and tried to articulate your own dream life, without letting the preoccupations and marketing slogans of others get in the way? Have you actually been taking steps towards the life you want to live, rather than just the one you’ve been told you should want?

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of material comfort in your life, but will that new phone or car fulfill you, personally, in the same way, that doing a first aid certification online might?

    Without further ado, here are some tips for identifying and achieving the life of your dreams.

  • The 5-in-1 marketing platform you need to try to combine communication with customers

    How to set up your money generating funnel with Sendpulse (as Clickfunnels alternative!)

    You know I’m all about email marketing if you read this blog and I’m always looking for new ways to communicate with my customers.

    I recently received an email from SendPulse to check it out, and I did!

    The bigger your email list, the more inactive subscribers you’ll get. The art of engaging content and a combination of preparing your subscribers for the content they’re about to receive both help, but the best thing ever is a ‘subscriber rating’, something SendPulse offers.

    Sendpulse offers multiple channels of communications with customers to take the relationship (and engagement!) to the next level. Besides email, you can also communicate via web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. That’s great because email alone is not enough anymore.

    Ready to take your funnels to the next level? With SendPulse you can send different types of messages separately or combine them into autoresponders. Who says you have to be online all the time to be active? (more…)

  • Business and computer safety and security

    A guide to business and computer safety and security for creators and small business owners

    It’s not easy running an online business. You’re forever in competition with other websites, some of which have vastly more resources than you do. You also have to continually be looking for ways to keep things fresh, and ensuring that every customer is nothing but thrilled with their experience with your company. And there’s another threat, too, one that could wind up your business altogether if it was severe enough: cybercrime, which has been on the rise for years, is one of the most concerning aspects for those running an online business. Below, we take a look at five ways you can help to keep those cybercriminals at bay.

    Here’s a simple guide to business and computer safety and security for creators and small business owners:

  • How to increase your blog traffic through content translation

    How to increase your blog traffic through content translation

    The Internet has opened up businesses to a massive wave of potential customers. It also means that there is more competition too, though, so you need to do everything in your power to stand out and connect with different consumer bases. With that in mind, it is a good idea to consider translating your website into multiple languages, read on to discover more about the benefits that are associated with this. (more…)