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April roundup | Travel essential wishlist


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If you want to travel long-term or planning a world trip or transitioning into digital nomadism, I suggest you don’t buy new stuff. Try to sell all of your stuff instead. I keep this rule most of the time, I prefer selling stuff over buying new stuff. I have only one rule tho: if I can bring it on the road with me, I’m allowed to get something new every now and then. I see SO MANY lovely travel related things, but I can’t get them all. So I decided to share them monthly on this blog. Oh, and a reminder for my friends: my birthday is coming up guys! In April I bought a new hiking backpack, similar to the backpack listed here under but I have a blue one matching my bigger backpack! Whooho. Oh and I also bought a new jacket and a new dry bag, but more over my dry bag and a shipwreck later this month!

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| April 2016 roundup | Travel essential wishlist | 


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