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Watch now, free video workshop: in 60 days your biz or blog’s first press coverage in 60 days or less


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First off, I want to let you know that I’m doing a new free webinar + video series about free publicity and growing your business for free with PR in September! Register here to stay posted about dates and I’ll see you there:

And because I’m doing a new series soon, I thought you’d be interested in one of my older replays too! This webinar is literally so packed, it teaches you all the free publicity basics and how you can get started today! (LIKE TODAY!)

So if you have nothing planned this weekend, make sure you watch the webinar and put your new PR strategies immediately to work! Get your blog or business featured in the media within 60 days for free (because you know, print deadlines and stuff, I talk all about it in the video!).

How are summer sales, slow? Make maximum use of the slow period by not working less, but by producing less. Focus more on promoting your current services and products, feel more relaxed and benefit from your promotional efforts long after summer! How? Just watch this video!

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