Whether you’re planning your next date night, a weekend away, or an extended trip to the so-called Magic City, we have some ideas to help you add some Miami Spice to your relationship.

Picnic on the beach

Miami is famous for its beaches, with golden white sands to stride upon, and panoramic views that are simply stunning to behold. Walk hand in hand under the palm trees along Miami Beach, marvel at the beautiful sunsets at these fabulous beach locations, and have a romantic picnic anywhere along Miami’s coastline, gazing into each other’s eyes when you’re not marveling at the breathtaking views of the magnificent vistas at your disposal.

Take to the waters

Consider a yacht charter in Miami, and take a boat cruise along Miami’s waterways. Bring the chocolate and champagne, and enjoy the spectacle ahead of you as you sail across the dappled waters, be that under the sun in the day, or beneath a fabulous sunset as the evening sets in. Or if your relationship needs a little more excitement, there are many water-based activities you can take part in, so head over to Watersports Paradise and create special memories by booking an action-packed package containing water skiing, tubing, and more. They may not be obviously romantic, but they will definitely bring you closer together.

Stay at a luxury hotel

There’s nothing more romantic than a stay in a luxury hotel, with breakfast in bed, room service on demand, and beautiful five-star cuisine. Your stay will be so comfortable, that you may never want to leave the confines of your hotel bedroom, although with the varying amenities on offer, from jacuzzis to spa treatments, you may be tempted to step out from behind your duvet once in a while. While expensive, these romantic hotels are definitely worth a one-off stay if you want to make those sparks fly, even if you only spend one night living in decadent luxury.

Go and see a movie

Sure, you could see a movie anywhere. Snuggling up on your couch on an evening with Netflix or a romantic DVD  is a popular way to spend a date night, for example. But Miami has something your living room probably doesn’t, and that is a giant amphitheater. With a 7,000-foot outdoor projection wall, the Soundscape Cinema hosts free movies every week. Bring a blanket, pack a picnic, and sit under the stars with your loved one watching films writ large on the big screen.

Go for a romantic dinner

Couldn’t afford a night in one of the luxury hotels we linked you to? Fear not, as you can still enjoy a fabulous culinary experience at one of Miami’s best romantic restaurants. With close proximity to Miami’s majestic views, food menus to die for, excellent service, and an ambiance of love, you won’t be disappointed by any of the fine places mentioned in our linked article. Ensure you make an early reservation, however, as bookings are limited!

Fall in love with each other all again as you falls in love with beautiful Miami! Let us know if you visit, and tell us what you got up to (not in too much detail) on your romantic getaway.

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