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Photo diary: Down the Rabbit Hole festival


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Yesss, my first festival camping trip of the year is a wrap! It always feels like coming home, although this festival was a bit different. It’s a quite new festival (2nd year!), and there weren’t that many people we knew. Which was good, because we had a really, really good time with a fun group of girls (spice girls!).

In the train to the festival I didn’t know exactly where we were heading to, but it was near Nijmegen. We arrived Friday afternoon, and the festival was already in full swing. I have a ‘one sec pop up tent’ which is really easy to pop up. Within 2 minutes I had set up my tent, made up my ‘bed’ and was ready to go. Unfortunately my friends didn’t bring an easy tent, so it took them a bit longer, which was the ultimate time for me to sit back and have a good look at everybody passing by… 🙂

When I was in Indonesia earlier this year, I bought some ‘Extra Joss’, something they drink on the islands there. It’s basically a powder that’s an substitute for an energy drink. You mix it with water or… vodka. I really need extra energy during a weekend full of festivals and not a lot of sleep (grr festival camping & neighbours playing music all night!).


One of my favourite performances of the weekend was Flying Lotus. This guy is brilliant. I’ve already seen him live a couple of times, but this time was the best because his light show was AMAZING this time. Other highlights of the weekend? Patti Smith, still rocking it in 2015, Damian Marley keeping the feel good vibe alive and FKA Twigs – she’s an amazing dancer!

Overall highlight? Meeting Flying Lots himself!

Right after I wrote my festival must haves post I was wondering, is it ok to go to a festival without a phone? During the festival it was okay, everything was fine. The festival had wifi, but only near the Music State area. I was kindly invited by them, so it was no problem to hang out. It was the place to literally recharge after dancing or a sunny day. A lot of people, the opportunity to have your photo taken and good music. Add the sun and the grassfield and it’s the perfect spot to hang around when the festival is still quiet. I had my friends with me all the time and I could even stay in contact with the homies at home, thanks to the wifi. Unfortunately, on the very last day, just before I wanted to go home I lost my friends!! I couldn’t call them or reach them via wifi, but luckily that was the only time I couldn’t find them and I was about to go home anyways. I couldn’t survive the festival without the safety of an wifi option tho, as I only have an iPod touch now, so thank god for good wifi at festivals anno 2015!

KPN Music State

Ph. Jeroen Roest

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