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Quick 4th of July post (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT + W&C SHOP SALE!)


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Heya ‘Murica!

Happy 4th of July! Who’s in the holiday spirit? Or maybe more in a shopping mood? Summer sale over at W&C!

Wanderlust and Company shop

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people browsing through my Instagram or watching my Snapchat: are you really traveling all the time and do you get paid to travel? The answer is yes and no. Sometimes.

I’d call myself a digital nomad: I can travel and work whenever I want, wherever I want. That’s the beauty of the lifestyle I created for myself. It was hard work, trust me. But it’s SO worth it! Build a solid business, improve your skills, sell your stuff and feel free (and in my case: travel the world)!

But the last few weeks it was more work than play for me, because I worked really hard on my new course, Destination Digital Nomad, so you can travel & work too! Quit your job, ditch the 9 – 5 and live the life you truly want! HECK YES!

Destination Digital Nomad

More info here, and make sure you check it out now, BECAUSE super special 4th of July pre-order price! I’ll launch the course later this month, but make sure you’re one of the first to enroll to receive ALL future upgrades + bonuses.

If you’re super ready to take your business and life to the next level, get the special course bundle so you can start your new lifestyle next week! The bundle is only available for my blog + newsletter readers, click here for the exclusive deal! (hint: you basically get the full course Master the Media for free!)

Enjoy the rest of the day, and remember, new moon (in cancer), a new step forward and the best time to start something new!


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