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Signs your biz or blog is ready for the next step


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Guess what: new businesses, blogs or veteran biz’s: not every business is ready for press coverage. If you’re diving into PR or free publicity it’s very important that you are ready. That your business or blog is ready. There are a few things you have to have in order if you wanna make it big with free publicity:

  • Make sure you have your branding clear. I’d say this is the most important step for a successful press attack. If your brand is not recognizable, you should work on that first. People should know instantly what you’re all about and who you’re for.
  • Do you have something to say? It doesn’t really make sense to send out a press release if you don’t have big news. If you’re working on your press attack, make sure you give the journalists something super valuable in order for a successful press attack. Nobody wants to write about a business or blog that’s been around the block for ages and doesn’t have anything news to say.

Signs your biz or blog is ready for the next step (2)

  • Do you know why people should care? Make your press attack super interesting for others. Often people stay in their own world. Sure, your company is important to you, but why should others care? Write your press release for others, why is it important for them to follow/buy your product?Are you a solution to one of their problems? Etc. Etc.
  • Make sure you have enough time. Once the press release is out, it’s not done. That’s when the works begins. You have to free up time for interviews and endless emails back and forth with journalists. Don’t underestimate the time interviews + shoots are.

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