• MAGA: Make Advertising Great Again!

    The size of the business doesn’t matter – marketing is the key to success, period. Without advertising, it’s impossible to generate leads and raise brand awareness, both of which increase sales and profits. Unfortunately, there are too many companies on the market right now, and that means marketing campaigns are diluted. They are too samey and unoriginal to stand out from the crowd and grab audiences’ attention. Your company can’t afford to be complacent and fade into the background, never to be seen again. It’s essential to make advertising great again by adding fun and enjoyment.

    Below you’ll find the best methods to make this happen.

    Rely On Videos

    Video marketing has transformed into the leader of marketing content. No other tactic can boost conversion rates of 80% plus, and it’s down to the engaging nature of videos. Audiences love them because they’re interactive, which instantly makes them fun and easy to watch. Better yet, filters can take videos to a whole new level of fun. From a cartoon filter effect to an old-fashioned black and white background, changing the surroundings adds a different atmosphere that people will love. The tweak will definitely catch their eye and make your material more engaging as a result.

    Write Informally

    A casual tone has been the foundation of some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the last ten years. It’s because readers don’t want to be talked to as if they’re not part of the process; it’s patronizing. Instead, they like it when brands speak informally as if they were talking to a friend and cracking jokes. Not only is it funny, but the interaction is more natural and doesn’t come across as forced. An excellent tip is to imagine that you are speaking with buddies to find the perfect tone of voice. Then, go on social media (Twitter) and connect directly with your followers to build strong relationships.

    Include Games

    What do you do at a party or event when you want to take things up a notch? You bring out the games! Marketing is no different because competitions are incredibly powerful ways to engage a broad range of people. A quiz, for instance, will bring out the competitive and curious sides of the participants, whereas a valuable prize will encourage people to enter on the off chance they win. Either way, the anticipation will be at fever pitch, making the game a memorable experience, and your brand too.

    Keep It Simple

    The urge to overcomplicate things is very tempting, but audiences have no time for complex jargon and reams of text. They are instant turn-offs. Therefore, you need to keep the message simple so that it stays on point. Once it ventures off-road, the odds of keeping their focus, and getting them to convert, are slim to zero. If the topic is complicated, try and use engaging cues, such as infographics. Graphs remind people of math class, which means they’re not sexy!

    Do you want to make your advertising great again? You can with these top tips.

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