• How to measure progress towards goals

    How to measure progress towards goals for future growth

    Getting your business up and running is a unique and thrilling experience. The first 12 months in any entrepreneur’s journey are an incredibly steep learning curve and no matter how elaborate your cash flow projections, however comprehensive your business plan and however imaginative your marketing campaign, there’s really no way of adequately preparing yourself for immersion in your business’ daily operations. All entrepreneurs must walk a fine line. They must be on hand whenever their employees need them to provide help, advice and assurance just as they should always make themselves available to attend to the needs of customers. They must also, however, be able to take a step back to look at their business from a “big picture” perspective to ensure that their businesses are running as effectively, productively and profitably as possible. While many nascent entrepreneurs are comfortable with the former, most flounder somewhat when it comes to the latter.

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    A big part of success in business is being able to track your progress in order to make the strategic decisions that will lead to the evolution and long-term sustainable growth of your business. How you do this is up to you, but if this is all new to you, here are some useful places to start looking… (more…)

  • How business analytics can help improve every part of your business

    How business analytics can help improve every part of your business

    Analytics is becoming big business. Data analysts (or data scientists as they’re sometimes called) are in high demand, even hailed as having the sexiest job of the 21st Century. But what on earth is analytics? And what business use does it have?

    Simply put, analytics is a way of collecting data and making use of it in order to improve business. Data is often presented as charts and graphs that long ago might have been time-consuming to produce, but now can be produced digitally with the click of a mouse. There’s also more need for analytics now, with the internet practically overflowing with data that it’s becoming harder and harder to pinpoint reliable information.

    Still don’t get it? It’s probably best explained in its specific uses. Here are some ways modern businesses are using embracing analytics.