• Early retirement, is it possible before 40? With a mini retirement it is!

    Early retirement, is it possible before 40? With a mini retirement it is!

    The idea of a “mini-retirement” was first made popular by Tim Ferriss’ in his New York Times bestselling book; the 4 Hour Work Week.  This book, despite its title, doesn’t encourage people to just work four hours a week.  It’s all about changing their paradigm from one of being a wage slave where more is better, to focus on how to propagate “quality of life” in the sense of having both the time and money to be “free”.

    Make sure you read my Beginner’s Guide To F.I.R.E (Financial Independent Retire Early)

    One of the core concepts, suggests people should take a mini-retirement at regular intervals throughout their career and explore the world in their twenties, thirties and forties rather than use up the best years of their life working for someone else, feeling exhausted the whole time, barely able to squeeze much juice out of life!

    Once upon a time, the vast majority of people subscribed to something known as the 40×40 Plan, which referred to the fact people would get an education then work for forty hours a week for forty years of their life then retire on 40% of their salary.

    It was at this point that people would finally begin to travel and explore the world and squeeze the most out of life, but think about that for a second.  At sixty fives years old people have very different levels of health, fitness, and vitality than they did in their twenties – thus people aren’t always able to pursue the activities on their bucket list if they wait until retirement.

    There’s also the sobering realization that not everyone makes it to retirement.  What if you spend your whole life working, thinking that tomorrow will be better, only for tomorrow to be taken from you prematurely.

    Today, many people are looking for ways to squeeze the most out of their lives, particularly with regard to travel, as young as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to take regular mini-retirements.

    The emphasis today appears to have shifted from amassing great wealth to creating a “freedom lifestyle”.  

    In today’s flourishing digital economy the opportunity to work remotely, from anywhere in the world, providing you have a laptop and a decent internet connection is in abundance.  For many people, “living the dream” no longer features a corner office, fancy title, and fast car parked in their garage – it’s more akin to jetting off to an exotic location and working from their laptop on a beach whilst drinking from a fresh coconut.

    The idea of mini-retirements was first introduced by Tim Ferriss in his New York Times bestselling book, but since then the concept has peaked the interest of bloggers, freelancers and digital nomads alike.  This article digs deeper into the idea of mini-retirements and looks at some of the destination choices you might want to consider.


  • WORLDTRIP – Let’s go!

    Hi all! After what seems like forever away from my blog, I’m back with a massive photo update!
    In the time of silence I had to move houses, had the flue and traveled to Indonesia, where I’m currently staying… Bali it is! I’ve been here for more than a month now and the internet is so bad that I haven’t got the chance to do a photo update yet! My iPhone got stolen (RIP), so unfortunately I can’t post on Instagram until I’m in Australia, next month. It’s been quiet, the down time is good… I think. I’ve read a lot and enjoyed the sun, the swimming pools and the food. Regarding the blog, I’m gonna start at the start, which means week 1. In this post I’ll share my photos from the 24hr flight, which I enjoyed SO MUCH, thank you so much Qantas x Fly Emirates! It was absolutely a pleasure to fly with Fly Emirates, and I’d love to do it again and again and again.. here’s why:
    Amazing: wake me up for food sticker, because duh, you can always wake me up for food! So the sticker basically equals relaxing down time with my eye mask on, without the stress of missing a meal. (Yes, I that’s the type of stress I have while flying haha). The food was so good!
    Oh and of course they sponsor Arsenal, so I had to check out the Arsenal World Channel.
    First stop: Dubai. Also known as sandy desert land…. this was literally 1 minute before we reached the airport.
    I’ve never seen a toilet shower like this. Amazing, the Middle East. And look at those palmtrees, just in the airport! Cray cray! It’s my first time in Asia, so I’m probably amazed with everything coming.
    So, then I flew off to Singapore. And what a space I had with the seat I booked! I was so happy with my seat, especially after I couldn’t go to the toilet for 7 hours because of the sleeping people next to me on the first flight. Yaay! I walked around a lot, had enough space to watch Denzel movies and eat dinner and take a good nap!
    Oh hai, Singapore… this was my on board stuff (A LOT due to all the magazines I bought last minute) and it was time for some refreshment! And oh yeah, look what this exotic Dutch princess found in the women’s: a beauty area! So much fun. Asia, you’re already awesome.
    Free hot/cold/ice water. Much needed after 20 hours in the air.
    And then I found an old friend of mine. Had to pay him a visit, I was hungry and jetlagged. I had no clue what time it was… I was still living on Dubai time and also kept the Dutch time in the back of my mind… confusing! So why not, burgers. Oh wait, how do I pay for them?? Oh no worries, I could pay with euro’s at the Singapore airport. Awesome. Although the airport was a bit boring, they should definitely work on their entertainment. I mean, a Disney photo wall doesn’t do it for me. The burger was basically the most exciting thing that happend there.
    And then finally… my first hotel! It’s actually a super nice one and I was happy I booked the room in advance, so I could immediately take a shower and go to bed! I arrived around 7 AM in Denpasar and I was soo tired… that’s why it was even more frustrating that something went wrong with my pick up – arranged by the hotel. I arrived, was dead tired and then had to figure this taxi thing out. And I didn’t do any research about money, taxi’s or… anything. So I saw a taxi desk at the airport and asked how much It’d be to Kuta. He said 400 rp. I read on the internet that it’d be aproximately 50.000 rp. So I told him that. He said 400. I said ok. In the end he meant 400.000 rp, not 400. So I had not only not enough money, but I also had to pay around $40. Silly man. 50.000 rp is like $4… So in the end I complained by the hotel and they ‘saved’ me, I only paid 150.000 rp, which is still a lot but hey, I was ‘at home now’ and finally get some rest.
    Flights by: Qantas and Fly Emirates (and a super crappy one by Jetstar, brr)
    Photos: Noni May with iPhone 4s (RIP)

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