• Can Bankruptcy Wipe All My Debts?

    Can Bankruptcy Wipe All My Debts?

    If you’ve found yourself in a lot of debt and are unable to pay it off, bankruptcy might seem like the best solution. There are clear negative consequences to going bankrupt – your credit score will be severely damaged and you may have to give up non-essential assets to help pay off your debts. However, in return, your debts will be wiped. 

    Well, most of your debts anyway. To read more about different types of debt and ways to overcome debt, head over to the Ultimate Guide To Money + Finance. Unfortunately, declaring bankruptcy cannot wipe all kinds of debt. This is important to consider if you’re in financial trouble – there’s no point in filing for bankruptcy if the majority of your debts aren’t going to be affected as it could just cause further financial harm. Below is information on exactly which debts are eliminated by going bankrupt.


  • What to do when a client files bankruptcy

    What to do when a client files bankruptcy

    You’re running a business, you have enough clients and everything is going well. It’s exciting and you love your life. Until one of your clients, maybe even your biggest clients files for bankruptcy. You’re in shock. You don’t know what to do. Well, start reading this. It happened to me thrice (!). Yep, three times. The first time I had only invested time, the second and third time I also invested materials. The third time it was a company abroad… so you understand, I was not only in shock (huuuh, I just emailed them yesterday?!) but also lost – where did I start now they didn’t respond to my emails anymore? This is your guide!