• Surprising Areas Where Businesses Waste Money

    Surprising Areas Where Businesses Waste Money

    Running a business is always a financial challenge, especially during those turbulent times. When you are working on a tight budget, you need to be very careful about costs and expenses. It isn’t wise to eliminate essential purchases in an effort to save money. Yet, you also need to avoid excessive money waste. 

    The most common areas where businesses start reducing costs tend to include: 

    • Energy consumption monitoring
    • Going paperless and moving everything into the cloud
    • Selling used furniture rather than throwing it away
    • Profitable recycling for some industry sectors, where you can get paid to recycle used oils or electronics, for example
    • Moving to a cost-effective area to reduce premises costs

    However, you may be forgetting about these areas that can dramatically curb the budget. 

    Replacement parts

    Small manufacturing businesses are the first in line to worry about machinery costs. The purchase of manufacturing equipment is a long-term investment. With dedicated maintenance and care, many can use the equipment for several decades without any issues. However, when elements break, those can be expensive to fix and replace. As the tools and components are highly specialised, it can be tricky to find what you need at a competitive price. Yet, nowadays, manufacturers can cut down replacement costs with professional 3D printing from an expert such as 3D printing allows companies to create on-demand parts in a variety of materials that can reduce repair and replacement costs. 

    Maximising advertising over social media presence

    A small business can’t get noticed without a strategic marketing campaign. PPC advertising on search engines and dedicated platforms is a favourite. But, it can be an expensive approach to generate leads. Your marketing budget doesn’t need to support high advertising costs. On the contrary, you can reduce your ad budget and focus on free engaging activities that can drive profits and brand reputation, such as social media. Indeed, social media platforms are a unique channel where businesses and audience groups can interact as equal. It’s an active platform where people expect to see your brand. Building a follower base can boost your brand and sales more significantly than advertising. 

    Non-flexible working arrangements

    Do your employees work from home? It’s a trick question in 2020. Most businesses have been forced to move their activities into the virtual office during the pandemic. But the surge to work from home is rapidly shrinking as businesses are trying to reopen their premises safely. However, flexible working arrangements can benefit companies in the long term. Indeed, businesses that encourage their employees to work from home permanently can save a lot of money on rental costs and premises maintenance. 

    Kitchen foods and drinks

    The office kitchen is a favorite that brings comfort and convenience to employees. However, kitchen foods and drinks can rapidly cause waste and unnecessary costs. Bulk orders for fresh produce such as fruit are likely to go bad in the office kitchen. Additionally, dietary requirements can vary hugely, which means that you’d have to spend a lot to satisfy everyone. More often than not, companies opt for sugary or savory snacks, which can drive productivity down. 

    You’d be surprised by how much difference targeting these areas can make. It is unlikely you can recover pandemic losses through these smart changes. However, they are crucial to building financial stability in the future. 

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    Although not every M&A attempt will be successful in general for a buyer, there is a lot of value. It can accelerate market arrival for channels and new products, using horizontal integration, a buyer can absorb competitors and using vertical integration, a buyer can improve the supply chain. 

    While all that is happening, there are a lot of opportunities to retain jobs and reduce costs. 

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