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  • How Customer Service Can Help Your Small Retail Business

    How Customer Service Can Help Your Small Retail Business

    Dipping your toes into the fast-paced world of retail can be a risky business. In recent years, many small businesses and household names have succumbed to the fall of what people know as the traditional high street or retail complex. 

    Across the world, the power of internet shopping and being able to purchase what you need online has put tremendous pressure on physical retail stores to do business in a way they have never done before and adapt to a whole new way of selling products if they want even a glimmer of hope as succeeding. Many businesses of varying sizes have risen to the challenge.

    If you are looking for ways to entice your customers to keep coming back time and time again, you need to make it attractive and offer them something they can’t get elsewhere. (more…)

  • How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied

    How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied

    Having happy and loyal customers is going to help you succeed as a business owner and entrepreneur. They’re the backbone of your company and having repeat customers is what’s going to allow you to not only survive but thrive through the ups and the downs.

    It’s your job to make sure your clients are being taken care of and that you’re putting forth an extra effort each day to solve any issues on time. It’ll be well worth your time and energy when you notice that your business is taking off, and that your satisfied customers are talking positively about your business both online and offline to their family and friends.

    Show Your Appreciation

    You can keep your customers satisfied by continuously showing them your appreciation and gratitude for their loyalty. Not only send out thank you cards or notes but consider throwing in-person celebratory events as well. Make sure your parties are well organized and executed by having plenty of food and drink to go around and using a sign solution so that you can brand the event properly. It’s not only a chance to get your customers together and thank them but also an opportunity to promote and discuss upcoming products or services you’ll soon be launching.

    Ask for & Listen to Their Feedback

    Your customers will be much happier when they’re able to voice their opinions whenever they desire. Therefore, reach out and ask for feedback and input from them regularly. Not only request that they share their viewpoints but then be willing to listen and make changes based on the responses you receive to your questions. There are many ways to enlist feedback, such as sending out a survey, picking up the phone, or by meeting in person. Provide them with several outlets for how they can get in touch with you in case they want to praise you or complain about a recent interaction they had with your company.

    Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

    Ultimately, what will help your business stand apart from the competition is your customer service. Keep your customers happy and coming back time and time again by delivering exceptional and consistent service. Train your employees, so they understand the importance of keeping your clients satisfied and solving any problems professionally and promptly. Make each person that you interact with feels important by giving them your undivided attention. Put policies and procedures in place so that you’re treating each person fairly and everyone on your team knows how to deal with all different types of situations that may arise.

    Deliver on Your Promise

    If you want your business to be successful over the long-term, then you need to be able to deliver on your promise. Keep your customers satisfied by following through on your word and doing what you say you’re going to do. There’s a cost that comes with losing even one customer, so there’s no room for slacking or saying you’re going to handle the situation right the next time around. If there are ever delays or a miscommunication, then be the first person to get in touch with your customer and explain the circumstances to them so you can modify any previous expectations. You want to avoid wasting their time, so make sure that you’re getting to the point and doing the best you can to follow through on your promise.

    Know Your Products & Services

    There’s nothing worse than speaking to a customer associate in the store or over the phone who is misinformed or confused about your inquiry. Therefore, make sure that you and your employees know and understand your products and services in great detail. You have to be able to answer the tough questions and communicate the value of someone doing business with your company. You can keep your customers happy and satisfied with you when your team is prepared to handle any inquiry that may come your way. Remind your employees that if they’re unsure about a topic or need help to ask for it so that the customer is always receiving correct and consistent information.

    Build Relationships

    Another way to keep your customers satisfied over the long-term is to treat them as individuals and not a number. Focus on building and strengthening relationships with those you encounter and interact with and get to know them by name. Understand that no two customers are alike and that each person has their particular way of shopping and making purchases. Be willing to put forth an extra effort to add that personal touch and make your customers feel special. Figure out how your clients like to be communicated to and tailor your delivery based on who you’re trying to reach. Nurture these relationships so that they can develop and grow over the years, and you can gather even more support as time passes.

    Reward Loyalty

    The reality is that some customers are going to be more loyal to your business than others. If you have people spending a lot of time and money with your business, then it’s in your best interest to reward them for it. For example, you might want to offer special discounts, promotions, and sneak peeks to those who are always spending money in your store or shopping with you online. You can also throw in a free gift every once in a while or bend a rule for them. Go the extra mile and above and beyond whenever possible, so it’s evident you’re putting forth an extra effort with your most loyal customers.


    Satisfied customers are priceless because they’ll spread the word for you to other consumers and help you grow your business. Put these tips into action so you can keep your customers happy and make sure your company thrives well into the future. Most importantly, never take your customers for granted and continue to show them love and appreciation, so they feel valued. Get your entire team on board with making your customers a priority and ensuring that all issues and complaints are addressed instead of brushed aside.

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