• Why Brick-And-Mortar Stores Need To Focus On Convenience

    Why Brick-And-Mortar Stores Need To Focus On Convenience

    Even before the coronavirus pandemic, running a brick-and-mortar store was challenging. The online threat was growing, and most people were giving up on the idea of physically traveling to the mall. It seemed like a waste of time. 

    Now, the case against brick-and-mortar is even more compelling than ever. So what can you do to survive? The trick is to make stores more convenient. Remember, we’ve had online shopping for more than a quarter-century now, ever since Amazon opened its online bookstore. Since then, we’ve seen massive growth in the online segment, but it still hasn’t overwhelmed the traditional sector.  (more…)

  • Get On Track For Funding Your E-Commerce Business

    It has always been a challenge for small businesses to get financing. This is down to the fact that most startups will flop after the first year and start from scratch. Many investors will not want to take risks on businesses that they don’t see succeeding. However, nobody has a crystal ball. Some businesses that look bad on paper, could turn out to be a success. Most often though, it is the businesses that have been methodical in their planning that will have a better chance of success. A lot of international banks will only lend capital to businesses with an established history of some type. If you are just starting up in the world of ecommerce business, you may need some capital immediately to get you started. There are ways to do this and create your dream into reality.  (more…)

  • Improve your online store performance in 4 simple steps

    Improve your online store performance in 4 simple steps

    So, you’ve set up your ecommerce store, found a reliable supplier to send you products to sell, and have thrown some money at online marketing – but your sales are still not as hot as you were hoping. And, despite much head scratching and contemplation, you can’t figure out why.

    The truth is there could be a multitude of reasons, but in my experience, you are likely to be falling for one of the several common pitfalls of setting up an online store. If this situation sounds familiar, read on – I’m going to talk you through where you might be going wrong. (more…)

  • Making a success of your online store

    Making a success of your online store

    The shopping revolution has seemingly occurred without us even realizing it. Slowly, we found ourselves retreating from physical shops to the comfort of our own homes with a cup of coffee and the laptop open clicking on all the items we quite fancied purchasing. Two days later the items were with us, and we hadn’t ventured anywhere other than the kitchen to grab a snack mid-online shop. (more…)