• How to write a blog post that people love to read (and still attracts traffic after years!)

    How to write a blog post that people love to read (and still makes money and attracts traffic years later!)

    I spend years writing ‘news’ story blog posts, with new exhibitions and openings in the city I was living in. I was struggling to keep readers up, so I wrote more and more – up to 5 posts a day.

    Now, this isn’t the way it should be, and unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

    Now, many years later, I know that writing 3 blog posts a month is also okay.

    I have more readers and I’m keeping them up, if not increase them month after month.

    If you’re having a hard time keeping your blog stats consistent and stable I have a secret to share with you. One month you really go for it with 50 blog posts and a lot of visitors, the next you publish two posts and see your visitor number drop.

    You focus on growing your following and visitors, but it just doesn’t work out. You’re publishing a lot of blog posts, but all you hear is crickets…

    It shouldn’t be like this.

    The secret? Writing evergreen content. (more…)