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  • Turn Your Backyard Into A Kids' Paradise

    Turn Your Backyard Into A Kids’ Paradise

    Kids can benefit from having an outdoor space that they can play in. When they have somewhere to run around outside, they have a place to exercise and a way to get out of the house. For some families, the backyard is the kids’ domain. You might have a patio or another area where you can sit and grill, but it makes sense to let the kids have the rest of the yard. You can create the perfect place for your children to run around and enjoy themselves by giving your backyard a new look. There’s a lot that you can do to make your backyard a paradise for kids. (more…)

  • How To Make The Most Of Spring NOW

    How To Make The Most Of Spring NOW

    As the cold winter months are coming to an end, it’s time to think about what is around the corner and how you can get ready to enjoy spring. Once the excitement of Christmas is over, the first couple of months of the new year are usually quiet as no one has any money, everyone’s exhausted and the weather’s rubbish. But as we come out of that period and the sun shines again, and we start to see bluer skies and flowers, it’s good to get on board and make the most of it rather than let it pass you by. Time goes so quickly, and before you know it, it’s Christmas again. Do you want to feel re-energized and motivated to change? Well, spring is a time of new life and a new season, so what can you do to spring into action now and make the most of it?

    Spring Clean

    Starting with the obvious, spring cleaning is popular for a reason as spring is the perfect time to clear out all those things that are cluttering up your home. Make a room-by-room plan so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and remember that you don’t need to do everything in one day or even in one weekend. Whether it’s sorting out the cellar or decluttering the garage, just generally getting organized will make you feel like you have more space in your home, and your mind will feel the same. Now is the time to make room for new things you might want for the spring and summer, a new ceiling fan, for example, and as we know, big is just better, so make space now to have everything you need to enjoy the good weather when it arrives. 

    Clean the air

    Once your house is clear, it’s time for a deep clean, from curtains to carpets, get rid of all the dust that’s been building up. It’ll make your house smell great, reduce allergies and coughs and colds by making the air cleaner, and you’ll be set up for the warmer months. Cleaning can be therapeutic, too, as it can help to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.

    Vitamine D

    While it might still feel cold, and the weather still isn’t the best every day, there are still so many benefits to getting outside, that you really should overlook a bit of cold, wind and rain. There is some sunlight now, and the sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D, which benefits your immune system, bones, teeth, and muscles. You don’t even have to go for a walk; if you have a garden, then spending time in it can be all you need to do to get the benefits of being outdoors. 


    It’s also excellent to prepare your garden for spring at this time of year. There is no doubt that your bushes and trees have likely seen a harsh winter, so get pruning, cut back dead leaves and make way for the new growth that spring will bring. It’s also highly likely that things may have blown into your garden that doesn’t belong there. If you’ve had snow, then wait for it to melt and see what rubbish has been left behind on your lawn. There’s likely to be leaves, pine cones, fallen tree branches, and dog waste that will need clearing up. If you have quite a lot of yard waste to clear up, then you might want to check out websites such as, for example, as they can provide dumpsters for you to clear your garden up and stop it from choking up your plants. Just remember to assess how much rubbish you have to get rid of so you can get the right size.

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