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  • Finding Appropriate Gifts To Give Your Employees

    Finding Appropriate Gifts To Give Your Employees

    As an employer, it’s natural to want to show your gratitude to the people who work for you. While you will already pay them a fair salary of their time at work, it’s quite common for employees to go over and above, and this should be rewarded if you want to encourage other people to follow suit. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of appropriate gifts to give out to your employees. Of course, though, you have to keep fairness in mind, as it wouldn’t be right to reward the same small groups all the time. (more…)

  • The Best Last-Minute Gifts

    The Best Last-Minute Gifts

    It is that time of year when we start to look at our finances and see if we can save money on buying gifts for the ones that we love. But sometimes, things get in the way, and we end up inevitably going for that last-minute scramble for presents. Either we struggle to find something perfect, or the time has just flown. And this means that when we’re trying to get something at the last minute, we make panic and go for those typical stocking fillers. But what can you do if you’re looking for a last-minute gift that is meaningful?  (more…)

  • How To Save Money On Buying Presents

    How To Save Money On Buying Presents

    If you have lots of people to buy gifts for throughout the year, then you’re probably buying presents all year round, likely at the last minute in a bit of a mad panic. However, what if you were to change the way you approached gift-buying, and while you still bought them all year round, you did it strategically and not necessarily at the time when you need it. Whether it’s gifts for men, women or children, you probably go shopping or see things online all year round and things that a loved one would like, but it’s the wrong time to buy it for them, but why? If you can remember what you have purchased and have somewhere to store things then why not buy gifts as and when you see them as this will save you so much time and can save you lots of money or at least you’ll feel like it is. 

  • Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie

    Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie

    Let me tell you since I’m a spiritual junkie, I’m all about getting the right tools and spiritual must-haves to ‘play around’ with my passion. There are many things that make great zen must have gifts for people that want to be more spiritual but also, they make great presents for yourself when you need a little pick-me-up.

    Whenever I’m down myself, I get back to this list and get something from the list, even if it’s just a little crystal that helps me overcome the reason why I’m down.

    But there are so many more great things every spiritual junkie needs, so here’s the beginner’s list!

    Side-note: If you’re looking for a gift, make sure you purchase something that’s high-quality. That means, there will probably be cheaper products available but no spiritual person is gonna be happy if they get something with bad energy or that’s made from something that’s not natural. 

  • Holiday gift guide: the perfect gifts to make every type of traveler happy

    Holiday gift guide: the perfect gifts to make every type of traveler happy

    We all have the adventurous traveler in the family or as a friend, and in my case, it’s often me. Sure, you can buy awesome travel-related gifts to them, but most of the time, they want to travel light. So what should you buy? Everyone with a serious case of wanderlust can’t think about anything else, so do get them a travel related gift!

    If they just moved, you can get something cute with a map design for their house. Or if they have a luxurious holiday coming up, get that towel harness (this one is awesome!) because they probably have space for it in their suitcase. But if you’re looking for a gift for a long-term traveler, give them something they can use on the road and that doesn’t take up space in their backpack. For every traveler there is something, and I have made a selection of my favorite items just for you.   (more…)