• Ensure Your Employees Are Who They Say They Are

    Ensure Your Employees Are Who They Say They Are

    One of the best lessons you can learn in life is that not everyone holds themselves to the same standards you might. Understanding that other people have radically different situations, or might approach things from a much different vantage point can help texture your mindset when dealing with them. This does not mean all vantage points are valid. For example, someone who may wish to steal your vehicle does not simply have an ‘alternate view’ on the legality of property ownership, despite how open-minded you are with other topics. (more…)

  • Time to escape the dead weight of renting

    Time to escape the dead weight of renting

    At a certain point in your life, you need to think about how you’re going to stop renting and start buying. Renting, as you may have heard, is dead money. What this means is that you’re paying for something and in the long term, you’re not getting any benefit from it. You might also be spending extra money on the property that is ultimately going to benefit someone else.

    For instance, you may have been renting a property for a few years. At a certain point, you might start to think about making improvements and completing renovations. This could ultimately end up costing you thousands and eventually you’ll move on. But, when you do, you won’t see the benefits of the money you put into the property. It’s the landlord who will benefit from your hard work and cash.


  • Why your hiring process sucks, and what to do about it

    Why your hiring process sucks, and what to do about it

    Modern workers are – how should we put it? – a little bit fussy when it comes to taking a job. In the past, people were just happy that they were getting paid. But today, new recruits want more than that. They want to know that they are going to a company with a good reputation, one that will help them get closer to their long-term goals and has an excellent reputation.

    But for some companies, making a good job of the hiring process is easier said than done. They struggle to attract high-quality, talented individuals, and, as a result, lose out. Here’s how to improve your hiring process. (more…)

  • Hiring employees: things you can't ignore

    Hiring employees: things you can’t ignore

    Taking on employees is a step that comes later for a lot of businesses. If they can get by without any proper staff for a while, they will do it to save money. But there’s usually comes a time when a business needs to hire people if they wish to expand. When this time comes, hiring the right people isn’t the only worry that the company has. They also need to ensure that they’re set up to have employees on board. There are rules to follow and needs they have to full-fill before having anyone else become part of the company. If your business is ready for employees, concentrate on the following things.

  • The downside of hiring your first virtual assistant or employees

    The downside of hiring your first virtual assistant or employees

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    Many entrepreneurs and new business owners are tremendously keen to start hiring employees as soon as possible. It’s not much of a surprise. After all, a company office full with staff appears to be more professional than a solo operation run from your mom’s spare bedroom. But should hiring be on your list of priorities? The truth is, probably not. The second you start hiring, it opens up a different can of worms altogether, and your business will change overnight. Here are a few of the common issues you might experience. 

  • What You Need To Know About Employing Staff

    How to prepare for your first employee: hiring employees for your small business

    It can be an exciting time when your business is at the point that you need to employ staff. It is often a good sign financially. The business is growing, and you have enough capital to share your workload. However, there are many legal obligations you have when employing a workforce. This is not only for their benefit but for yours as well. All the legal requirements are there to provide both you and your staff with protection. What do you need in place when employing staff? Here is everything you need to know. (Also read: A breakdown: the REAL costs of running a successful business and blog) (more…)