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  • What is hp instant ink and why should you get it (including 7 months of free printing!)

    What is hp instant ink and is hp Instant Ink worth it? (including 7 months of free printing!)

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    I’m probably late to the party but I just discovered small business subscriptions for ink with the HP ink program and it’s a total game changer for working from home or your small business office!

    If you’re just here for the HP Instant Ink free months code, click here or use dbbg1g.

    Remember the old days of printing? Never fully understanding which cartridges to buy, or where to recycle. Running low on ink when you really needed to print something and more horror experiences than I can remember.

    I used to only have a professional black and white Brother printer that’s great for business admin, but as a creative business it’s a total game changer to now also own a HP color printer with unlimited (read: 300 copies a month) pages to print. And that’s a lot! But it’s only costing me less than $12 a month! Hello Instant Ink Program!

    What is a HP Instant Ink subscription?

    With an Instant Ink Subscription you get new ink cartridges in the mail without the hussle. It knows two main differences from other printers:

    Part 1: never out of ink

    Your printer is via wifi connected with HP, and it notifies them when you’re almost out of ink and they send you new ink.

    Part 2: pay for what you print

    You get a subscription for ‘x’ amount of pages per month, and you get to print those pages without any extra costs. If you don’t reach your limit, you get to take the rest of the pages to next month.

    Get started with HP Instant Ink

    Watch the video:

    Original HP Ink ordered by your printer, delivered to your door.

    Instant Ink is HP’s ink delivery service. Your HP Printer automatically orders ink, and cartridges. The HP Instant Ink delivery service can save you up to 50% on ink. They are delivered to your door before you run low and you get to recycle your old ones, just add them to the box your new ones got delivered with and mail them back to HP.

    Monthly plans

    See how you can save time and up to 50% on ink that’s ordered by your printer and delivered to your door before you run out.

    Is HP Instant Ink Worth it?

    Yes! As a small business owner, blogger and all around creative I enjoy printing colourful pages so much. To print my own products and planners, to create vision boards and more. I got the 300 a month plan, and to be honest… that’s a lot. I was really happy with my free months of printing as well and to never go to the store to buy the (wrong) cartridges and all those things. I really enjoy the wireless part of the printer too. I hated those wires that came with my old printer and the fact that I always had to be close to the printer with my computer to be able to print. Now I just print from my mobile or laptop and it’s so easy!

    But keep in mind when choosing a HP Instant Ink plan that printing is not good for the environment and that you still have to get the paper. And those packages come often in 500 pages, so that would mean about one pack every month. Also, as a (wannabe) minimalist I’m not a big fan of paper everywhere, so I only print what I need to and try to use the paper twice if it’s just a draft.

    Trust me, start with a smaller plan

    So I suggest you start with one of the lower plans to see how you like it. How often you really need to print. I know how tempting it is to print every recipe you come across now and every beautiful motivational quote of image you find on Pinterest, and allll the planners you use but is it really necessary or will you print it just because you can ‘for free’?

    Get started with HP Instant Ink

    Head over to Amazon to purchase your HP Printer. I got one for just $80 and it’s working perfectly, even for photos. Click here for free months of Instant Ink or use the code dbbg1g for free months!

    Search Wireless HP Printers on Amazon:

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