• Fasten your seat belts for this amazing aircraft loft


    A real KLM plane turned into a cozy home (I mean ‘aircraft loft’), and you can spend the night! 

    Calling all airplane aficionados! Fasten your seat belts for this amazing aircraft loft. After crossing the globe 3675 times, this beautiful blue and white jet will be temporarily available as a unique living space (on airbnb!)
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    On November 28, 29 or 30, you have the chance to spend the night inside this fly apartment. Tell KLM before November 20 why you would like to spend the night. They’ll fly in the winners from anywhere in the world.


    Located right besides the runway of Amsterdam’s bustling Schiphol airport, our detached airplane comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home. Inside the bright 366m2 plane with 116 windows you will find a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. It comes with Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and giant cockpit panorama window. Can this be my home?

    Step inside the sliding front door and make yourself right at home. There are plenty of books and magazines in our library to enjoy. Take a seat, enjoy 12 meters of leg space and watch other planes take off and land in the back yard.

    Rather watch a movie? All time classics like Snakes on a Plane, The Aviator, Top Gun or Disney’s Planes are available on the home cinema system.
    Get $35 off your Airbnb stay

    The kitchen is small but very functional. It’s equipped with everything you need to prepare your meal: cutlery, pans, ovenware, utensils, etc. There’s also a cooker and a basic stove. Please feel free to use whatever you find in our kitchen and fridge.

    The master bedroom comes with a comfortable king size bed that ensures a long haul night’s sleep.

    Families with children are welcome. Our amazing kids room will make your kids feel like they’re on cloud nine. It comes with two beds and everything small pilots need to keep themselves busy for hours.

    Amazing idea! I bet the number, 95, is because of KLM’s 95th birthday this year, but I wish they could do crazy stuff like this every year! Participate here.

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