• Hello Osaka, what a welcome!

    Hello Osaka, what a welcome! | Japan Travel Diary

    When I first arrived in Osaka after a very long (20+hrs flight and stop-over) from Australia I wasn’t tired at all. I was super excited to finally be in Japan for the first time! I knew Japan Wireless was waiting for me back at my place, so I only had to make it to the place without struggles or internet. It was way later than I calculated before due to the long queues (3hours) at the rail station to get my preordered pass. So I had to follow a different travel schedule as the metro I was supposed to take didn’t even go anymore. It was late at night, and I realized when I was on the train that check-in time had ended. Stressed, because arriving in the middle of the night in a new place is never ideal, I hurried as much as I could. Everything went super smooth, the train system in Japan is genius (more…)