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  • Ways To Earn Money Pretty Simply From Home

    Ways To Earn Money Pretty Simply From Home

    Earning money is something we must all do in order to generate a good life for ourselves. Due to the recent worldwide pandemic, we’ve pretty much all been working from home – many still have to head out, but so many people have been stationed in their abodes due to the crisis. While many don’t exactly like this setup as they get itchy feet, there are many who are comfortable with it.

    Those who like the idea of working from home will be in a pretty blissful spot right about now due to the comfort zone they’ve been put into. These kinds of people don’t realize, though, that they could absolutely make this kind of thing a permanent job. In this day and age, working from home is something that is so very popular – regardless of any epidemic or pandemic that may come our way. 

    So many people on the planet are raking in good money while sitting at home. There is a big selection of wonderful jobs that we could take part in. If you’re interested in something like this as you feel as though your current situation isn’t quite cutting it, then here are some options that may pique your interest a little further and check out the Ultimate Guide to Money + Finance here to learn more:

    Content Writing

    In this day and age, websites are everywhere. Businesses, individuals, charities, and all kinds of organizations are looking to create an online hub that provides info and promotes what they’re doing further. Unfortunately, not every business owner is the greatest at throwing content onto a site. This is where writers can come in and do the job. If you’re good at writing and can string sentences together that go well with homepages, landing pages, articles, and many other areas, then you’re good to go. Don’t know where to start? Check out the Ultimate Guide To Blogging to get started with content creation.

    Virtual Administrator Or Assistant

    A business will always have admin work that needs to be completed. While not everyone leaves school and aspires to become a virtual assistant, it’s still a great job that can hand out lots of different skills and experience in a pressuring environment. You can do so much in a short space of time and receive a good pay-packet. 


    People will always need a little guidance in areas they aren’t comfortable with. If you feel as though you have lots of knowledge in a particular area, then you can become a consultant yourself – and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Take jobs such as expert networks, for example. You can rack up a healthy salary by having hour-long online meetings, discussing all you know regarding a particular sector of business. 


    Bloggers have wonderful setups – especially those who have ground away at this craft for a long time and can now have a real working schedule. Starting up a website and writing about something you care about for a living always seems like a made-up pipe dream. It can actually happen, though, if you genuinely try. From your home, you could create a mega brand that has subscribers and readers from all over the world. And it’s easy to create income from blogging with a small following, so you don’t have to stress a lot about followers and traffic.

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  • Sell your clutter for cash: 10 best places to make money online

    Sell your clutter for cash: 10 best places to make money online

    One of the few things that literally everybody can do in order to make some extra cash is selling stuff online. A few years back, when there weren’t as many resources and knowledge as there is today, it was really easy to make good money online. In my experience it was a lot easier to sell stuff online and make way more money than it is nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Everything you make extra is good, and especially if that also means decluttering! A filled bank account, a decluttered home and a lot of free space in your brain!

    I’ve been doing this for years, because I prefer selling stuff I no longer want or use over keeping it somewhere in the back of the closet. I’ve collected a few of my favourite ways, because they’re easy or because it’s a good place to actually sell stuff for a good price. Guess what? Don’t try to stay anonymous, it will harm your ability to sell.

    1. My number 1 place to sell stuff is…. Facebook! Try to find your local ‘marketplace’ group and join. People will like the fact that they ‘sort of’ can see from who they buy, and it’s super easy to upload photos and a ad via your phone. It’s free too, which is a big plus! Don’t forget to optimize your sale and share the post to your personal timeline too!
    2. Do you’ve got a few spare tickets to a concert of festival? Sell them preferably via Ticketswap (Dutch) or StubHub (US). This way the buyer knows it’s a real ticket and they don’t buy it from a reseller. This guarantees a successful sale more than via an anonymous website like Ebay (although, Stubhub is owned by Ebay!).
    3. Use marketplaces like Ebay (international), Craigslist or Marktplaats (Dutch) to sell your clutter. Lately I haven’t had any luck with selling via these websites, because if you don’t pay to stay on page number 1, you’ll soon end up at page 39. Ebay also charges a small percentage of your sell for its service, so if you’re trying to sell stuff valued a small amount, it’s probably not worth it.
    4. Sell your DVDs, games, books and magazines to Amazon (international), (Dutch) or Ziffit (UK) or Zapper (UK).
    5. Don’t forget to sell your used electronics once you’re done with them! NextWorth is one of the most well-known marketplaces for used electronics.
    6. Have a look at the local used book store. They often trade books for money, and you can quick sell a lot of books to them. Don’t expect to make much money on them, but it’s nice to have a minimalistic bookshelf with books you’ve actually read and love!
    7. Pawnshops: Of course, it’s much harder to sell certain items, such as jewellery, online. Go to the pawn shop!

    Do you’ve a lot of clothes? Start your own simple webshop and promote! Start a simple (seriously, a one click one!) here: ASOS Marketplace | Tradesy

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  • Blogging and Money: What You Should Know

    Blogging and Money: What You Should Know

    Many people will tell you to start a blog purely because you love writing and what you’re going to be talking about. They’ll tell you not to start a blog if your goal is to make money, as you’ll quickly get tired of the hard work involved and probably give up. However, blogging and money can go hand in hand in this day and age, and many people are making money from their efforts – whether they have a travel blog, beauty blog, auto blog, or some other kind of blog, people are making money. Why shouldn’t you want that for yourself?

  • ways to make money quickly to pay off debt, build your emergency fund or spice up your social life. Ideas to make money quickly from home

    Out of the red and into the purse: ways to make money quickly (part II)

    To be honest, I’m always looking for ways to make money quickly. As the cost of living rises, rent rockets, and house prices soar, it’s not too hard to get into the red. But once in there, it’s always a hell of a lot harder to get out of.

    Of course, there are lots of frugal ways of living, but not everyone wants to adopt these. Sometimes we want to live the Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Wait, just kidding. I always want that haha.

    While I can’t advocate doing this all the time when you are strapped for cash, I don’t want to stop you from having fun and enjoying life either! Sometimes we are so broke by the end of the month, that it feels relentless. There are many ways to make some additional money, from playing games for cash to completing online surveys. Today we’re going to look at some of the ways you can start filling up your purse so you can get out of the red and still live the life you want to lead.

    Ok, maybe not the super yacht lifestyle you dream of. But at least to have enough cash to go out for dinners, short city trips and socialize with friends! Here are some ideas besides the 50+ side-hustle ideas here.

  • Affiliate marketing for bloggers (25 new tips to go PRO with your affiliate marketing strategy!)

    Affiliate marketing for beginners (+25 new tips to go PRO with your affiliate marketing strategy!)

    Home » Making extra money series

    Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can earn money as a blogger and is great if you’re looking for ways how to make money as a blogger beginner. If you’re still in the process to start a blog, it’s the perfect time to read this post and the Ultimate Guide To Blogging. Because in the Ultimate Guide To Blogging I talk about other ways to earn money as a content creator, but affiliate marketing is definitely my favorite way. Implement the links right, and you’re ready for success.

    I personally earn quite a large percentage of income with affiliate links, and this blogger earns over 1 million each year by implementing her strategies on her blog.

    I’ve written a complete guide to affiliate marketing for beginners so read further!

  • Online money making isn’t as hard as you think

    Online money making isn’t as hard as you think

    Making money online is something that I love to blog about. Especially as there are so many different income streams that you can use to top up your bank account, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located either. However, too many people believe it is complicated and confusing to earn online when in reality it actually isn’t. In fact, if you check out my guide below you can get some insight on how easy it is to make money in this fashion. Read on to discover more or read 50+ ways to earn extra income online (to pay off debt!) (more…)

  • This site pays you $2737 a year just to watch videos

    This site pays you $2,737 a year just to watch videos (I tried it and it works!)

    Home » Making extra money series

    Let’s be honest, after a long day at work, there’s nothing better than watching something. Narcos, Homeland, Friends or GOT, I’ve seen it all.

    Never did I know that I was doing it all wrong!

    You can get paid to watch videos. OMG.

    So here’s an introduction to how I just made $25 watching a couple of videos. 

  • Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Turn your laptop into a personal ATM: Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Imagine if you had another account where there was always enough money to pay for home maintenance, unforeseen bills or just a little luxury that you desperately wanted to buy. Imagine if that account wasn’t connected to your primary income nor was it part of your savings. Instead, it was an extra cushion of money that you could use however you wanted, whenever you wanted. And like your primary account, there was always money going into it, but there was never money going out. So, you knew you could rely on it to pay whatever extra bills you needed to or for whatever new purchases you wanted. What we’re talking about here is a side hustle or a secondary income, and once you set it up, you’ll always have the extra money you need.

    Ways To Earn Extra Money

    There are plenty of options when you’re thinking about a type of side hustle or new income to set up. But if you want the easiest possibility, you should consider working online. If you do this, you can transform your computer into your own personal ATM machine. There are various options for making money online, and we’re going to look at how to get into a few of them right here. The best part is that most don’t take much time at all. As such, you should be able to complete it in your spare time either after work or at the weekends. So what are some of the possibilities?


  • If you are serious about selling, read this

    If you are serious about selling, read this

    Do you long to be one of the best salespeople around? Perhaps you run a business, and want to drive more sales to it? Believe it or not, some of the essential qualities needed to be successful in sales are things that we can all do. The only trouble is, we seldom consider those characteristics. As a result, some of us that do have to sell for a living aren’t performing at our best.

    If you are serious about selling, it’s vital that you are in top form. So, what is it that you need to do? Today, I will discuss the best strategies for improving your sales techniques and how to fix any problem areas. Here is what you need to know: (more…)