• 5 Ways to Put Your Money To Work

    5 Ways to Put Your Money To Work

    It’s a problem if you don’t have money. But it’s also an issue if you have money, but you just let it sit in your account. It’s worth remembering that while money does have value if it’s in the bank, it’s not the best option for your money. Instead, you should look at putting your money to work. You should view your money as capital, rather than something that provides an end just by itself. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at just five of the ways in which you can put your money to work. Take my advice, and you’ll find that your financial future looks a lot brighter.

  • Modernize Your Money Management

    Modernize Your Money Management

    Are you stuck in the past when it comes to managing your money? A lot of people haven’t kept up with the tools and techniques that they can use to manage their finances, so you’re not the only one. When you need to file your taxes, budget your money or save for some specific goals, you can use a range of tools that will help to make it easier for you. You can manage your money on the move and easily check up on your finances whenever you need to. All you need to do is find out what tools are out there, beyond your online bank account services.

  • Can You Really Make a Career from Blogging?

    Can You Really Make a Career from Blogging?

    As times change, so do common careers. While there were plenty of chimney sweeps in the Victorian era, there are relatively few today. Times change. Demands change. Perhaps the biggest step that’s changed career options in modern times? Technology changing and advancing. Thanks to the rise in tech and many people now having a laptop or computer of their own at home, time spent in offices and other work premises is less necessary and many people are beginning to work from home and to work for themselves. This independence is great! On top of this, platforms such as blogs and social media and their sheer popularity means that whole new job roles have opened up. Right now, you really can make enough money to live on by blogging! Sure, this might have been a purely personal venture a few months back. But you can now get paid ads and sponsored posts which make blogging a truly viable source of income! So, here are a few steps you might want to take if this is a path you want to pursue! (more…)

  • Money Making Ideas To Try

    If this is the year you really want to go for it and earn more money, there are numerous things you can try. You won’t ever get rich swapping your time for money or in a soul destroying 9-5 job, so read on for some suggestions that could help you to boost your income. (more…)

  • Smart Ways To Diversify The Income From Your Blog

    Smart Ways To Diversify The Income From Your Blog

    If you are one of the many millions of folks out there putting finger-to-keyboard, and regularly sharing your thoughts online, I salute you! Of course, some people do this for the hell of it, while for others it is their way to make a living. In fact, if you fit into the latter category, then the information in my post below is likely to be very helpful to you. After all, it covers the best ways to create multiple income streams from your blog, something that can help you to be as successful and profitable as possible. Read on to find out more.  (more…)

  • Blogging and Money: What You Should Know

    Blogging and Money: What You Should Know

    Many people will tell you to start a blog purely because you love writing and what you’re going to be talking about. They’ll tell you not to start a blog if your goal is to make money, as you’ll quickly get tired of the hard work involved and probably give up. However, blogging and money can go hand in hand in this day and age, and many people are making money from their efforts – whether they have a travel blog, beauty blog, auto blog, or some other kind of blog, people are making money. Why shouldn’t you want that for yourself?

  • What if you can't wait to give up your day job to blog? (ACTION PLAN!)

    What if you can’t wait to give up your day job to blog? (ACTION PLAN!)

    From the outside, blogging can seem like a fast way to make a lot of money. There are bloggers out there who post about how they make 10k a month and ways you can do the same. Read everything about making money and building a great blog in my Ultimate Guide to Blogging. But, even when you apply their principles, you find that you’re nowhere near those earning stats. Hence why many budding bloggers keep their day jobs for at least a year or two.

    The trouble is that keeping up with a full-time career and a time-consuming hustle can get stressful. Not to mention that you probably started this because you hate your day job. As such, the idea of sticking at it for even another six months may drive you wild. And, it may not be necessary after all.

    I’m not going to lie; the idea of making 10k a month straight off the bat, if at all, is unrealistic. But, that’s not to say you can’t give up the day job sooner than you think. All you need to do is put the following plans in place to make it happen.

  • A Simple Guide To YouTube Content Monetization Success

    A Simple Guide To YouTube Content Monetization Success

    When broadcasting our content, it can be difficult to understand how the next step might best affect us. With YouTube, a new platform that still hasn’t finished its development, it can be hard to know just how and why your content or approach might be succeeding or failing. Of course, one of the markers of success is that of monetization. If your videos are earning enough views and you have enough of a subscriber count, you will start to get a portion of advertisement revenue among other things. This can be an extremely motivating time, because it suggest that your content is so good people wish to watch it and potentially pay for it. That’s as good a milestone as any.

  • What you need to know to make your blog your business

    What you need to know to make your content creation your business

    If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that consistent content creators are entrepreneurs – many have built huge enterprises from humble beginnings as an influencer. If you have a passion for writing about a particular subject, you may want to see if you can enjoy some of the same success. Below, I’ll talk about what you need to know if you want to make your blog your business.