• 10 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Fun

    10 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Fun

    Does anyone really love to go to work? Probably not. Unless you love what you do for a living, of course. There is a difference, however, between enjoying what you do for your career and enjoying going to work, and mostly, people HATE going to the office. You want to make sure that none of your employees feel this way, and as a business leader, you have to put yourself into the shoes of the people you’re paying to be there. Imagine spending eight hours a day – sometimes more – in a job or workplace that you hate? No one wants to live that way and you can ensure that they absolutely do not.

    So, whether you are launching your first business startup, or you are running a huge company and you need to do something to boost the morale of those working for you, you need to do what you can to make the workplace more fun. Below, we’ve got ten ways that you can create effective and exciting ways for your team to work. Let’s dive in! (more…)

  • Troubleshooting A Problem At The Office

    Troubleshooting A Problem At The Office

    Troubleshooting is usually something you’d leave to the IT department, or an engineer to take care of, but you’re not always going to have access to these kinds of personnel. After all, you’re a small operation, and you may be running on a strict budget, and you’ve got no one but yourself to rely on for now.

    So, in the interest of ensuring you’ve got at least a basic knowledge of how to troubleshoot various tech problems in the office, be sure to go through the points we’ve collected below. You deserve to be in charge at all times, and this is your first step to ensuring it.  (more…)

  • Tips to create the best office atmosphere ever - that make work fun

    How Can You Improve Your Working Environment?

    A good working environment can help your employees to work harder. When they feel comfortable in their workplace, they are happier and more productive. There are lots of elements to your working environment that you can consider if you want to turn it into the best place that it can be. From the temperature and lighting to how welcoming the culture is to your employees, there are many things that you can pay attention to if you want to improve your working environment. Here are some of the ways to make it a better place for your employees to work. (more…)

  • Relocating To A New Office? These Are The Things That You Need To Think About

    Moving to a new office is an exciting time for any business, but it can be extremely stressful for those overseeing the move. A recent survey found that moving office premises is the second most difficult task managers have to deal with. It is exciting, sure, but the overwhelming stress that is involved means that a whopping three-quarters of businesses delay moving, choosing to remain in cramped, inefficient, and expensive premises just to avoid the hassle. (more…)

  • How to Accommodate a More Flexible Working Environment

    How to Accommodate a More Flexible Working Environment

    Flexible working has risen sharply in the last few years. It is by far the best way to allow your staff a little more freedom to balance their work and social lives and it can also give your office a more relaxed and creative feel. 

    However, if flexible working is new to your office, you might be worried about how it will work for your business. Like all new policies, you need to think carefully about how to implement flexible working, maximizing the positives and reducing the negatives. 

    So here are a few ideas to help you out.  (more…)

  • Things To Consider Before Moving Into A New Office

    Things To Consider Before Moving Into A New Office

    If you’re reaching the stage in your business where you need to move to a new office or warehouse, it’s important you consider absolutely every eventuality in order for it to be successful. Often people can get carried away with the excitement of a move, causing them to make small mistakes that could be detrimental in the future. With that in mind, here are 6 things you need to consider to ensure a successful office move: (more…)

  • Creating the perfect office when you're self employed

    Creating the perfect office when you’re self employed

    If you’re a blogger, a freelancer, work from home or run a home business then you’ll know how important a good home office is. A space that’s just for your professional work, it prevents your work stuff getting muddled with the rest of the house, keeps it safe from children and pets and gives you a quiet place to work. If you’re planning on taking the leap from employee to self-employed in any capacity, you need to consider a home office if you’re going to be working from there on a regular basis. Here’s what you need to know. (more…)

  • Showing your spirituality in your office decor

    Perhaps you have recently relocated your business, whether through an upgrade and expansion or just to move – or maybe you are just starting up your business. Either way, one of your main concerns at this juncture will be to give your office a good starting point. The office is the hub of the business, and how well your business is run is going to be determined by, and reflected in, the way in which your office is run. Long before you even bring in your employees to the office, there are a number of things you should be considering in order to make it work for your business as well as possible. Let’s think about some of the ways you can give your office the best possible start. (more…)