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  • The Most Common Gaps In Website Security

    The Most Common Gaps In Website Security

    Online security is a very big deal. The internet is filled to the brim with malevolent forces, mostly in the form of hackers, virus creators, and scammers. The more time you spend online, and the bigger your online reach, the more likely you are to come across these kinds of people. They’ll be able to spot a gap in your website’s security as easy as breathing, and it won’t take them long to exploit it, and probably without you even noticing. (more…)

  • The digital discrepancies that you need to be making

    The digital discrepancies that you need to be making

    We’re living in the digital age – and with that comes the uncertainty of it all. There’s no denying that there are some people who are complete whizzes when it come to technology and computers, and the majority of us are actually quite limited when it comes to knowing what to do. When you couple this up with trying to keep everything that we store on a computer, whether personal or private, it’s safe to assume that we don’t know as much as we should – leaving ourselves vulnerable to losing it all. It’s not even a case of misplaced, as you would do with physical files; instead, your documents and software can be lost forever through not following simple protocol within your business and investing in the right outsourced companies to help you keep secure. So how do we go about this? (more…)

  • Three major risks of running a business online

    Three major risks of running a business online

    There’s no denying that the world of modern business has undergone some pretty dramatic shifts over the last decade or so. If you look at the ways in which businesses have changed, there’s one particular thing that you can point to as the driving force behind most of it: the internet. Going online has revolutionized the way that people do business. Not only that but it’s allowed thousands of budding entrepreneurs to create exciting, innovative new businesses that they would never have otherwise been able to. However, that doesn’t mean that an online business doesn’t come with its share of risks. Any new format will have difficulties, issues and risks to overcome and ignoring them is a very easy way to set yourself up for a nasty surprise down the road. To make sure that your business stays as secure as possible, here are some of the biggest risks of running an online business, and how you might be able to avoid them. Three major risks of running a business online: (more…)

  • How to protect yourself from ransomware

    How to protect yourself from ransomware

    Let’s get personal today – I want to warn you for something that’s been going around the web. I wrote this article a few weeks back, but I guess now is the time to share. I have one (sometimes two) standard days in the week that I backup my whole life. This is probably the #1 most important task I have because without my digital files I would be nowhere.  (more…)

  • When it comes to business growth here are just a few things to bear in mind

    The dangerous cybercrimes of the new business age

    A lot of people out there talk about data security in business. But we often talk about this subject in pretty vague terms. The need for security is often highlighted alongside the emphasis on the importance of data in modern business. But the terms we employ to describe the threats are usually lacking detail. We throw around words like “hackers” and “firewalls”, without talking about threats in specifics.

    Perhaps it’s because we all already think we know what’s out there. But let’s face it: the world of modern business has been changing a lot in the last couple of years. We knew digitization was upon us, but things seemed to have moved a lot faster than we thought they would!

    So let’s take some time to take a closer look at the new cyber crimes that are now developing in response to modern business practices. Going into the new year, you’re going to want to put some focus on tackling these dangerous cyber threats!  (more…)

  • Ways to improve your company's security

    Ways to improve your company’s security

    Your business, whether it’s functioning on a casual, small-time level, or a highly-sensitive, global scale, most likely holds information that is important to its continued success and operative capabilities. Whatever the services you offer, the information you hold is most likely highly valuable, and you want to keep it as secure as possible.

    Are there steps you could be taking to improve the security of your business? Are there ways you could be ensuring that people don’t take advantage of company information, or even steal such information? (more…)