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  • How To Stop Dipping Into The Savings Pot

    How To Stop Dipping Into The Savings Pot

    The cycle goes like this: you save some money, you’re short at the end of the month, you borrow from yourself and pay it back on payday, and then you’re short again. On and on it goes, with you dipping in and out of your savings account every month and never stopping. It’s all-consuming when you’re trying to save money but you never seem to really get anywhere!

    Saving money is not easy, especially when you are already on a short budget. You need to be able to use a financial calculator like the ones that you find on Pigly.Com and make sure that you know your budget for savings. Then you need to work out your budget for everything else – if you cannot afford something, then it’s time to let that something go! You need balance, and this will stop you from dipping into the savings pot every month. Here are several ways you can stop dipping and start saving!


  • 4 Simple Steps For Building Wealth The Right Way

    4 Simple Steps For Building Wealth The Right Way

    No matter your age or profession, taking steps towards financial independence is a good idea. It starts by making deliberate choices, and it must be actioned the right way. Even though only 0.6% of the world’s population holds 39.3% of the world’s wealth, it does not mean you cannot become rich. No matter your financial goals, it all boils down to your daily habits. Are you looking to build wealth and gain financial freedom? Well, here are four simple tips for doing just that.

  • 9 Ways To Generate Passive Income

    9 Ways To Generate Passive Income

    Many people wonder “what is the difference between earned income”? What are ways to generate passive income? Well, passive income is amazing! Passive income refers to earnings derived from an enterprise or rental property where the person acquiring the income isn’t actively involved. Passive income is taxable, as with active income. Sometimes passive income is referred to as ‘residual income.’ It often requires an upfront investment, followed by a period of collecting the money without direct involvement.

  • Recurring income affiliate programs and the highest paying affiliate programs

    Affiliate marketing is one of the ways you can earn money as a blogger and is great if you’re looking for ways how to make money as a blogger beginner. I also wrote about it in my Ultimate Guide To Blogging with a lot more information, but here are the affiliate basics and highest paying affiliate programs.

    Because implementing the links correctly and using the right affiliate recurring affiliate programs for bloggers is crucial information if you want to earn money with affiliate marketing

    I personally earn quite a large percentage of income with affiliate links, and this blogger earns over 1 million each year by implementing her strategies on her blog (read more about the strategies here). 

  • 5 Reasons why you should build a profitable blog to make passive income online now, before even thinking about building an online business or going freelance (including free 'passive income 101' ebook) (1)

    5 Reasons why you should build a profitable blog to make passive income online now, before even thinking about building an online business or going freelance (including free ‘passive income 101’ ebook)

    Passive income, it’s not a myth and it’s a bit of a buzzword, it does exist.

    If you find yourself working 24/7, you’re doing something wrong. Running a successful business needs hard work, but not 24/7.

    Don’t forget your health, get enough sleep and make time for workouts.

    Are you ready to STOP trading dollars for hours today? (more…)

  • Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Turn your laptop into a personal ATM: Ways To Earn Extra Money

    Imagine if you had another account where there was always enough money to pay for home maintenance, unforeseen bills or just a little luxury that you desperately wanted to buy. Imagine if that account wasn’t connected to your primary income nor was it part of your savings. Instead, it was an extra cushion of money that you could use however you wanted, whenever you wanted. And like your primary account, there was always money going into it, but there was never money going out. So, you knew you could rely on it to pay whatever extra bills you needed to or for whatever new purchases you wanted. What we’re talking about here is a side hustle or a secondary income, and once you set it up, you’ll always have the extra money you need.

    Ways To Earn Extra Money

    There are plenty of options when you’re thinking about a type of side hustle or new income to set up. But if you want the easiest possibility, you should consider working online. If you do this, you can transform your computer into your own personal ATM machine. There are various options for making money online, and we’re going to look at how to get into a few of them right here. The best part is that most don’t take much time at all. As such, you should be able to complete it in your spare time either after work or at the weekends. So what are some of the possibilities?