• Making customers understand your brand

    Making customers understand your brand

    Improving the brand image for a business always seems much quicker and simpler on paper than it does in reality. That’s because the physical aspect of improving design both online and offline or rebooting the content your company outputs is only a surface-level improvement. Improving your aesthetic beauty is the key the beginning of success, but it’s not the key to spreading this new and improved “you” to customers both potential and regular.

    If your company is struggling to make customers understand your wonder brand, or you’re simply wondering how you can form a “wonder brand” in the first place, then here are some great tips and tricks for building an image which your customers can not only understand but with which they can instantly relate. It’s about captivating people almost instantaneously, and there’s a formula to doing so. (more…)

  • Get your sales up today with these snippets of business lore

    Get your sales up today with these snippets of business lore

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    Clearly, one of the major motivations running behind every business is to see an increase in sales. No matter what the age or purpose of the business is, this is something that you probably always want to see happen. After all, an increase in sales means an increase in profits, and that is definitely an underlying motivation, no matter what anyone says. Of course, profit is not everything, but growing sales will also help to grow the business in other ways as well. If your business could do with an increase in sales, then there are some basic concepts to grasp, and some  essential actions to take. Let’s look into this subject more closely.

  • What is PR? And how can Free Publicity or PR help me grow my business or blog?

    It’s time to go to the beginning! There’s a question that I have never addressed, and that’s: What is PR and how can Free Publicity help me grow my business or blog? 

    When you work in PR you get this question a lot: so WHAT do you do exactly? Is it like Samantha from SATC just sitting behind a fancy desk, enjoying the postman and going to party’s all night?