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  • How to use Tailwind Tribes to grow your blog traffic and make more sales on autopilot with automatic Pinterest scheduling (even when you have a small following!)

    How to use Tailwind Communities to grow your blog traffic and make more sales on autopilot with automatic Pinterest scheduling (even when you have a small following!)

    I wrote about 5 programs/sites you can use to schedule your Pinterest pins before and made a pretty good breakdown of the differences between each site. As you might know, I love Pinterest! It’s my biggest source of traffic and how I make the most money on autopilot, thanks to this strategy. But recently I decided to step up my game to go all in on using Tailwind to schedule my pins. Wanna know why? Read along…  (more…)

  • How You Can Make Your YouTube Channel A Lot More Attractive

    How You Can Make Your YouTube Channel A Lot More Attractive

    In this day and age, YouTube is more than just an outlet for exposure or a hobby to keep yourself occupied. It has become a real way of becoming a very successful and famous individual. By no means do you have to become the most extravagant video maker, but hard work in this area will get you pretty far in life. Literally, anyone can create a YouTube channel and get started on this particular adventure, but not everyone will make a career out of it. Not everyone will even monetize their channel to a small degree. 

    Making one’s YouTube channel attractive is very much like making anything else attractive. You have to think about what people want and how to make them stay. Creating that relationship is key to enjoying all kinds of online success. Here are a few things you can do: (more…)

  • How To Execute Flawless Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

    How To Execute Flawless Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

    Planning and executing strategies of all kinds are difficult in a small business. With limited resources and fewer employees on the payroll than many larger competitors, handling day-to-day issues can be troublesome. Management is often under tremendous pressure to handle aspects of the business that they’ve never been trained to. It’s not unusual to see small business owners take on several roles in order to keep things afloat. 

    In the age of social media and with the consistent growth of e-commerce, a comprehensive marketing plan has never been so important for small businesses to follow. A well placed social media ad or a quality content rollout can make all the difference in improving sales figures. 

    There is an abundance of resources and information available today. Even the smallest of start-ups are now executing high-level marketing campaigns and digital advertising. There is no longer a valid excuse for sub-par marketing. 

    If your small business needs an edge to gain an advantage over competitors, look to your marketing plan to find opportunities. Get up to date, organized, and prioritize flawless execution. With this in mind, here are four key tips to help make this a reality.  (more…)

  • Why Knowledge Of Social Media Is Pretty Important These Days

    Why Knowledge Of Social Media Is Pretty Important These Days

    In this day and age, having all kinds of knowledge with regard to computer systems is going to help you out. The world is only going to become more technologically advanced, so we all need to keep up. Whether you’re an individual looking to make their way in the world, or a business owner looking to boost communication networks, you’re going to need some of that information stored in your head for a later date.

    Social media is an outrageously popular and convenient set of platforms. They used to be a fun set of websites that allowed people to chat and show off part of their lives. Now, it’s so much more than that. Hardly anything goes on without social media having a say in it – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate, of course. For now, though, here are five reasons as to why you might want to brush up on your own social media knowledge: (more…)

  • Simple Ways To Automate Your Marketing

    Simple Ways To Automate Your Marketing

    One of the hardest things about owning your own business is finding the time to run your business and market it at the same time. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for years, it’s important you’re doing all that you can to market your business without letting the other aspects suffer. A great way to do that, of course, is to automate your marketing. From automating your emails to automating your social media posts, the more you’re setting to run without you, the better. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to automate your business’ marketing: (more…)

  • How To Increase Your Online Business Sales

    Having an online business is a dream for so many people. Once you are set up, and you’ve got a few sales in the bag, many people start to wonder what they can do to increase those sales. It is okay to sit back and see what happens, but for your business to really be a success, you have to put some work in. Below are some things that you can do to increase your online sales:

    Ensure your website is easy to use

    To encourage people to buy from your website it has to be easy to navigate and not too cluttered. You don’t want too much information on the browsing pages as it can become overwhelming for customers. Make sure that it looks professional, so that people can trust it and that it doesn’t have any mistakes. It should also be as easy as possible for the customer to reach the checkout and ensure you only ask for necessary information from them. A website that is out of date and difficult to navigate will put people off using it, and they will go elsewhere to find what they need.

    Professional photographs

    If you want to make your business look more trustworthy and professional, get your stock photographed by professionals. If you sell clothes, an expert in fashion photography will be able to follow your brief and get the clothes looking exactly how you want them to look with the images fitting in with your brand. They will even be able to put the finishing touches to your images in post-production, which is difficult to do if you are not experienced.

    Make use of social media

    Most people use social media every day, so using social media for your business can lead to a big boost in your sales. It can help you to build a following and a relationship with your target audience that can increase their loyalty to your brand. You can do this through regular posts to your followers, showing them new products, or even posts about daily life in your business. There is also the chance to turn your posts into targeted ads for a small fee. This will help to expand your audience and bring you new customers.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can increase the amount of traffic to your website by making some changes to your website content so that it comes further up in the search engine results. This is something that you can do yourself, but you can get better results if you hire a specialist in SEO to optimize your website. The content on your website needs to be SEO friendly so that it is easy for the search engine to know what your content is about. Through the use of keywords and phrases, it will then be able to decide if your content is relevant enough for your website to appear further up on the results page. Increased traffic to your site means that you should get more customers, resulting in more online sales.


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  • Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Business

    Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Business

    The world of social media marketing is always changing. It moves a mile a minute, with new developments taking place all the time. When done the right way, social media has great potential to grow your customer base, build your brand community, and skyrocket your return on investment. If you find yourself Googling how to buy Instagram likes, how to make money with social media and how to get followers, read this to avoid the most common mistakes. All your efforts could be undone if you make too many mistakes. With that in mind, here are six social media marketing mistakes you don’t want to make in business. (more…)

  • Making Social Media Management Easy

    Making Social Media Management Easy

    Social media is a crucial component for many businesses today. You might use social media accounts for your business to advertise products and even make sales. You might share content from your website and other relevant information. You might use it to engage with your audience and reach a wider market. Your social media accounts might be used primarily to pass on information and to communicate. Some companies even use their social media feeds to have some fun, and to show the people behind the business. There’s certainly no right way to do it, and what works for one company might not for yours. 

    But, however you do it, it can be complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. Social media is a wonderful thing, but you have to be careful. You need to watch what you say, as it’s very easy to offend someone and go viral for the wrong reasons. It can feel as though updating your accounts takes up all of your time and like you can’t please everyone. You might also feel like you need to be online all of the time, to communicate when people need you. So, how do you make things less complicated? Giving you a chance to get your social media strategy right, without it taking over other areas of your business, or eating into time that is better spent elsewhere. 

    Focus Your Energies

    There are countless social media platforms out there. All targeting different audiences, being primarily used by different demographics for various reasons. These platforms all offer different things, as well as a lot of the same things. If you tried to have a presence on all of them, you would never have the time to do anything else. So, don’t. Think about your target audience and where they are likely to spend their time online. Use social media listening to monitor your users and the data. Then, make a decision. Where is your time best spent? What social media platforms is it worth making an effort on? You can always experiment on different sites, using analytics to see what works before deciding where to commit. But, when you do commit, forget the others. 

    Use Scheduling Tools

    Social media scheduling tools can save you time, help you to be online more than you actually are, improve engagement, and help you to increase business productivity. Alternatively, you could hire a social media manager to take care of it all for you, freeing up your time to spend elsewhere. 

    Commit to a Schedule

    Social media is addictive. It’s why it’s great for business. But, let it take up too much of your time, and it’s bad for business. Using tools can help, but it’s still easy to feel like you need to do more or to get carried away with your accounts. Commit to how much time you want to spend on your social media campaigns and force yourself to stick to it. 

    Keep Things Simple

    Often the best social media campaigns are the simple ones. Your customers want to engage with real people. They want to learn more about you, and they want to feel as though you are listening to them. You don’t need massive campaigns with huge budgets to do this. Keep things simple. You’ll save time and gain customer trust and loyalty. 

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  • How Social Media Marketing Still Is A Saviour For Small Business

    How Social Media Marketing Still Is A Saviour For Small Business

    The world of social media marketing moves at a hundred miles an hour. Developments take place almost every week, and keeping up with it all or drawing up a strategy on how to stay ahead is a lot of work. For small businesses, the rewards can be vast – social media offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential customers, get your message out  there and create a real buzz around products and services. And all without the vast overheads of a traditional above the line campaign. However, as everything moves so fast it can be extremely hard to make it work for you – the sheer volume of noise means it’s hard to stand out and get heard. To overcome this, you need a proper social media strategy tailored to the aims of your business. (more…)

  • Pinterest made some HUGE changes for bloggers... RIP Boardbooster + Convertkit has a new name

    Blogger’s News: Pinterest made some HUGE changes for bloggers… RIP Boardbooster + Convertkit has a new name

    Wow… I’m shocked! Two days ago Boardbooster actually shut down after earlier reports from Pinterest that explained that basically only verified partners like Tailwind and Planoly are accepted…

    This means, many (and I mean many!) bloggers have to update their Pinterest strategies and courses.
    I really hope that’s not you, but if it is, I have been using Tailwind for years now and I have written a couple tutorials for strategies that help you grow your traffic.

    Luckily, they’re still on point and updated, you can check my strategies here.

    Btw, if you’re moving to Tailwind, make sure you grab my $15 for you, so you can try it one month for free!

    And if that wasn’t enough ‘tools for bloggers’ news – Convertkit announced today that they’re slowly changing their name to ‘Seva‘.

    How funny that those are the main two tools I rely on for my blog marketing to sell more + increase traffic.

    As we’re heading into the summer it’s getting more and more important to free up time by automation. If you’re curious to various automation strategies to run a more passive blog when needed while still maintaining your blog income? Sign-up for my free training here, and enjoy the summer as you should – from the beach, the park or your favorite location to take time off.

    If you’re looking for more blogger’s news like Influencer apps and laws, Tools and blog tips, make sure you follow Blogging Wave @bloggingwave on Instagram!

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  • SEO for vloggers and professional instagrammers

    SEO for vloggers and professional instagrammers

    It’s true that some companies like to keep their SEO efforts in-house. It gives them a sense of purpose as well as achievement. Although it’s commendable, you also know it’s flawed. After all, you don’t have the skill or experience that a quality marketing team has. Sure, you know the customers and their search terms, but it isn’t hard to pass on the info. What is hard is finding the perfect team to help you hit your targets. Picking a partner at random is never the best option because it leaves too much to chance. Instead, you want to ask the following questions and analyze the answers.


  • Be seen in slow business months

    Be seen in slow business months

    When it comes to being seen, and thus improving your revenues, most businesses tend to work to whatever their budget will allow. But this shouldn’t be the case because there are always ways to improve your visibility, and sometimes all it just takes is looking at you are doing currently but from a slightly different angle. As such, we have come up with a few little business tricks that will help you get the most out of your budget and, possibly, your current methods too. (more…)