• international business expansion strategy

    International business expansion strategy

    There are few things more rewarding than seeing your business prosper. After all, you’ve nurtured it from a seedling of an idea to fruition. Not only will you experience profits, but you will also experience success. As your company continues to grow, you may start to run out of ideas as to how to generate more profit and reach more customers. It may sound simple, but the answer that most people are looking for is to take their company to the international stage. While you may have conquered your home turf, there is a huge world out there, and you never know which country could prove to provide you with your biggest market. However, this is a venture that proves the hurdle that many businesses fall at. The main reason? Lack of preparation. So, if you’re considering taking your products and services over the pond, here’s a little sage advice to help you along the way. (more…)