• Be an Amazing Boss AND Keep Your Sanity

    Be an Amazing Boss AND Keep Your Sanity

    When people imagine office bosses, they often imagine someone who’s dominant, calm, collected, and always on-point. But some other images may come to mind. We’ve all worked for bad bosses, right? We’ve worked for narcissists, arrogant people, and sometimes we’ve even worked for plain idiots who make us wonder how the heck they ever got that job.

    Sometimes, it seems to be human nature for us to have a slight disrespect for authority. We detach ourselves from it slightly, even if we seem accepting of it on the surface. When you know about all of these things, actually becoming a boss can seem like a pretty daunting task. All bosses fear becoming the Michael Scott of their workplace.

    The school of thought that says that a boss doesn’t deal with anywhere near the amount of stress and work that their employees do is mostly bunk. (Take note, Marxists.) The professional life of a boss can often be quite draining – and, emotionally, it can begin to take its toll.

    How does one become an effective boss and keep that sanity? With this guide, we’re going to take a look at the ways that you can do both. The two aren’t always mutually exclusive: doing your job well will generally help keep you emotionally in check. (more…)

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    A night out with the boss: how to keep your staff in check at the office Christmas party

    Christmas is coming up and one of the main events around the office that people either love or loathe is the infamous office Christmas party. Whether you plan to take your staff out to a local club or decorate the office in preparation for an unforgettable night, there’s a lot of considerations you need to think about before you down your first drink. (more…)