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  • Dream Travel: Fishing Trips In Mexico

    When you know what you want, you grab it with any opportunity! However, it’s not that easy when it comes to the Mexico Roosterfish. Many will agree that this is one of the toughest fish to catch. Many experienced anglers will tell you that Roosterfish are incredible fighters. They definitely don’t go down easy and this makes them one of the most difficult to target when fishing inshore. Nevertheless, this is what makes them one of the most fun to catch as well! If you are planning a trip to Mexico, fishing for Roosterfish comes highly recommended.

    You may find yourself in a tense battle for an hour – if not longer! It is a proper battle; one minute you think you have this fierce fighter caught, but little do you know that he’s about to get the upper hand. 

    You can target Roosterfish around many offshore rock structures as they are mostly found outside the surf. Live bait is the best way to have great success with this magnificent beast. The Roosterfish live bait action can be extremely intense. However, they can also be taken with plugs and some surface baits as well. 

    The Roosterfish is a majestic creature in itself. They are distinguished by their ‘rooster comb’ – this is the extremely long spines of the dorsal fin. There are seven in total. They have a striking appearance with their silver body and large black stripes down both sides. Many would say this gives them an exotic appearance. Companies like Worldwide Boat can help you plan the perfect Mexico trip to enjoy this fishing type.

    If you are trying to hook Roosterfish while on holiday, you need to be extremely patient. Many novice anglers learn the hard way and lose the battle when they opt for a quick hook set. The best way to go about it is to wait once you know the fish has the bait. This is something a lot of people find difficult, but you will be rewarded in the end if you follow this method. So avoid the temptation of a quick snap of the rod and instead count to ten then turn and reel your rod fast to let the hook set itself. 

    Many times a Roosterfish will swim away with your bait with not even knowing it has been hooked. You will note that you get a lot of the line back quickly and it feels like you have won the fight. However, once these guys figure out they have been hooked or they see the boat, the game is on! They will rapidly head for the rocks or try to dive. Sometimes, if you don’t have the proper line of drags it is lights out and he is gone! 

    Another difficult aspect of the Roosterfish is the fact that they have a huge reserve. Once you think you can land them they make incredible runs which will have you worn out quickly. You may even note that several others follow the bait and thus you can end up hooking two or even three at a time. 

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