It is that time of year when we start to look at our finances and see if we can save money on buying gifts for the ones that we love. But sometimes, things get in the way, and we end up inevitably going for that last-minute scramble for presents. Either we struggle to find something perfect, or the time has just flown. And this means that when we’re trying to get something at the last minute, we make panic and go for those typical stocking fillers. But what can you do if you’re looking for a last-minute gift that is meaningful? 

A Piece Of Jewellery

Jewellery is one of those things that covers up a multitude of sins. But when you’ve spent many years buying pieces of jewellery for your significant other, it can prove to be more difficult further down the line. So what do you do to ensure that this piece of jewellery is as good, if not better than the previous years? Think about practicality, as well as sentimentality. These days we spend so much time on her phone, that we even use it to check the time. But something like a watch is always a good idea. You can purchase AP watches that are just a way of telling the time, but they are a fashion statement. Never underestimate how good a piece of jewellery can refine someone’s wardrobe, and add an extra bit of style.

A Subscription

Because you can purchase gift vouchers for pretty much anything now it almost seems like a bit of a fob off. But subscriptions can cover a multitude of sins, but you can really purchase something to tailor to that person’s needs. For example, Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness app, provide subscriptions. And if your significant other has been expressing an interest in meditation, or they just looking for a bit more balance to their life, this may very well help. Naturally, if they aren’t so keen on these types of things called that you can go for an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription.

A Good Pair Of Shoes

When you have a partner that doesn’t necessarily part with money so easily, you can think about those bigger expenses that they wouldn’t treat themselves to a good pair of shoes me seems so obvious but the right pair of shoes that cost a bit of money can be a decent investment. And when you live somewhere that sees more than its fair share of rainfall, a rain boot, or a sturdy pair of shoes is a fashion statement as well as a practical gift.

An Experience

It all depends on what your partner is into, but if you’ve had nothing but difficulties over the last six months, and you could both do with a night off together the gift of an experience, whether it’s and night out on you, or going to an event, can be the last minute gifts that they didn’t see coming!

A last-minute gift doesn’t have to be those typical smellies, it can be something completely out of the norm. Take inspiration from these.

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