It’s true that many young people in the modern-day seem to cherish the idea of being involved in the arts, or learning about literature, or finding highly theoretical roles in jobs that require deep thinking and introspection. That’s absolutely fantastic. You’ll find nothing here admonishing this, nor in dissuading you from that career and ultimately life path. Without art, we are nothing.

Yet it’s also unfortunately true that while we all hold ambitions, the roles for certain skillsets can be limited, and end up being highly competitive. In a world after the first wave of an intense Covid-19 lockdown, it’s true that the economic impacts are about to be felt quite harshly, and this means that these facts may be even more true.

This means that many people are starting to consider picking up more evergreen, practical skills in their motivation to make a living, and to even grow a diverse range of practical abilities. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this either, as some of the happiest work hours of your life can be found in completing satisfying manual or technical labor.

So, what opportunities should you consider? In this post, we’ll consider a few:

Learning The Trades

It can be a fantastic idea to learn a trade you feel is interesting. This way, you always have something to fall back on, or maybe even a career to develop should you wish to. For instance, electrical programs are starting to open up all across the country with a range of skillsets you can train in, helping you not only practice safety in the management of such an energy source, but being professional able to handle it.

Learning To Code

It can be tough to achieve this, but learning to code with languages such as Python or C++ can help you understand the logic behind scripting good programming terms. This can help you write or manage your own apps one day, work in an industry that is ever expanding, and maybe even build your technical proficiency to the point where you are aided in other fields of growth. Coding is not an easy skill, but it can be a great skill to arm yourself for the future, and to find all manner of online jobs.

Finding Digital Jobs

Speaking of online jobs, the market has truly exploded now that working from home has become more of a common norm. From writing for the best SEO firms to developing freelance capabilities and subcontracting for firms in your industry, never be afraid to check for opportunities. 

SEO specialists can often help ensure better scores where written content is posted, allowing it to raise in the search ranks for companies and individuals alike. Learning how to market your trade to individuals around the world, even if that’s posting your services on Reddit, can be a great idea. Don’t be afraid to search for digital jobs, in 2020 they are more prevalent than ever.

With this advice, you’re sure to understand the value of practical skills from top to bottom.

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