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This is Airbnb’s most requested listing (of all times!)


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We all love Airbnb, even celebrities and some of us even made a buck or two (by renting out their apartment or hosting an experience!) on the site. But what I personally love about Airbnb is that it brings you unique experiences and after arriving I always really love chatting with the host after arriving, as they know all about the place neighborhood you just entered. Back to those unique experiences, because who doesn’t want to live in a seashell house or treehouse?
According to the Today show, the most popular listing on the home-sharing network is actually a treehouse in Atlanta. (To book your first Airbnb trip with $40 off, click here!)

The stats of a popular Airbnb listening

With 300,000 site visits every month and more than 155,000 likes by travelers for their wishlist, this listening is the most popular listening. People want to pay for a unique experience, given the fact that they are all willing to pay the $375 per night, and if you’re lucky you can book a last minute night stay, otherwise you’d have to wait 9 months – due to its popularity.

's most popular listening of all times (1)

The treehouse

A suite of three beautifully furnished rooms set among the trees. Just minutes from downtown, this secluded property is an urban retreat like no other. The treehouse provides an intimate, a simple and calming retreat for 2 people.

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's most requested listening of all times

Tips from the host to become a popular listening

The Secluded Intown Treehouse is actually a suite of three different tree houses designed by Peter Bahouth. They’re not new, either, but thanks to Airbnb, they’ve been given a new life. Bahouth told Today that he started the project over 18 years ago and never considered sharing it, but when he saw so many people react with awe and excitement, he had to. Listening to the market and testing out various things always works. Change your description and take professional photos of your listening if you’re not getting the results you want. And talking to the press also helps.

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