The world is a changing place, and what we once knew about the workplace has been thrown out of the window. It is now the age of the digital nomad. We constantly hear talk about the ‘gig economy’, but you may wonder what does that really involves? You may also wonder if it is something that might suit you?

The Gig Economy- In A Nutshell

The gig economy refers to any job where the worker can set their own hours and can dip in and out of working as they please. There are a lot of different sectors that provide this type of flexibility which means that a job can be picked up or dropped according to the worker’s schedule. 

This may mean driving taxis for companies such as Uber or Lyft. You get the jobs through an app and you go and pick people up. You haven’t got a fixed hourly contract, and you take the amount of work you want, and get paid for those jobs.

Often, this type of work can be carried out from anywhere in the world. Copywriters, graphic designers, and app developers can often fall into this category, as they can provide their skills on a flexible basis to customers from all over the world. 

Usually, you will be hired for the job on a self-employed basis, this means that you will be responsible for arranging payment of your own taxes from your earnings. You will also not be afforded the same employment rights as someone who is hired as an employee of a company.

Finding A Work From Home Job 

There are lots of ways of finding a job that you can do from home, or that you could do from a beach in the South of France. If you want to find remote web developer jobs, content writing work, or odd jobs providing photography for a specific project, then you could sign up for one of the countless services that provide a marketplace for this type of work. 

Sites like Fiverr allow creative digital nomads working in the gig economy to offer their skills, and pick up work from people who want ad hoc work carrying out. Sites like Freelancer allow people to bid on jobs that others have posted which they believe they are suited to. Some of these jobs might be things that might only take an hour or so to complete, while others may be longer-lasting projects, or may lead to repeat business. 

What Should You Be Aware Of When Working From Home?

Before you take the plunge and get a job that you can do from your home, or anywhere else, you may want to think about how well motivated you will be to get the job done, when you could just spend the day in front of Netflix. Think about how you will deal with isolation too, you may need to find creative ways of bringing human interaction back into your life in order to keep you happy and motivated. 

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