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Content Power Weekend

Are you tired of the content creation treadmill, struggling to build your blog and social media following? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of uninspired ad hoc content that’s failing to engage your audience? It’s time to break free and elevate your content strategy with the Content Power Weekend Bundle! 


The Money Challenge

The Money Challenge

Are you ready to make extra money? To boost your business income and to add new marketing strategies to your business?

Or didn’t you reach your money goals for this year? Or do you want to take off a month because you can, because you made all the money you need during this challenge?

If you’re a creator, business owner, entrepreneur or small business owner, then I have great news for you!

I’ve created a challenge that will help you make extra money with marketing efforts!


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Learn how to successfully pitch to the right person and how to totally rock every e-mail! This free e-mail course shows you a step-by-step process to create not only an awesome product to pitch your own product, but also how to convert the first e-mails into brand collaborations, sales and press mentions!

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