It’s around this time of year that many of us think about our holiday plans for the months ahead. The only question is, of course, is where to go. You know you need a holiday, but there are so many places to choose from. Should you go the tried and tested route and head to where the tourists are? Or should you opt for something a little different? In either case, I think a holiday within the UK may be perfect for you. Here’s why.

A touch of royalty

Excited about the upcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Didn’t get your invite to the wedding? Fear not, you can still mark the occasion with the special celebration offered by With money off selected tours, you can follow in the young Prince’s footsteps and enjoy much of what London has to offer, as well as tours around other popular locations around the UK. Sadly, a place at the Royals wedding table isn’t part of the package! If your love for royalty stretches back into history, you might also visit Pitchford Hall in Shropshire. Recently renovated, you can now stay in the place where Queen Victoria once enjoyed a famous hunting weekend. Book yourself a stay at the hall, or one of the local cottages, and explore an area known for its rich beauty.

Literary celebrations

2018 marks the anniversary of two very famous writers. Emily Bronte (if she were still alive) hits the wuthering heights of her 200th birthday this year, and you can mark the occasion with a trip to her home in West Yorkshire. Details of her anniversary celebrations can be found at From country walks to specially arranged ballet performances, you can find out more about the legacy she left behind. She isn’t the only famous figure being resurrected this year (not literally). Frankenstein rises from the grave, as the famous literary work from Mary Shelley also turns 200. Anybody with an interest in the ghoulish or a heart for creativity should check out the celebratory events highlighted at All together now… “He’s alive, he’s alive I tell you…”

Live a pirate’s life

2018 marks the 300th anniversary of the death of Edward Teach. Who? Okay, you may know him better as Blackbeard, the fearsome pirate recently resurrected in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He lost his head (literally) in North Carolina, but the UK are celebrating the famous swashbuckler as part of their pirating exhibition in Newquay, Cornwall. Check out for more details, and head into a world of myths and legends in what promises to be an atmospheric experience. When you have finished playing a pirate for a day, you should extend your stay in Cornwall, with it’s fabulous golden beaches and clear blue waters. Hey, you might even continue your pirating adventures by exploring many of the caves and hidden coves in one of the UK’s most fascinating places.

Final word

The UK is home to some of the greatest countryside in the world, as well as some incredible places of historical and architectural significance. So, as well as the attractions mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons why the UK should be on your holiday bucket list this year.