Traveling abroad can be a gargantuan task. Not only do you have to plan your flights, but you have to plan your hotels, your travel, your budget and how much is really going to be necessary to carry with you to name a few. It can seem in the endless quest to remember everything that our business considerations are easy to take a back seat. Travelling can be tiring, but doing so with an air of professionalism the whole way can be even more so.

I’ve accumulated a list of the 4 best traveling apps that should hopefully help you smoothly plan out what’s required of you, where to visit at your destination and how to have as much of a stress-free time as possible, so you can direct your stressfulness at your required work itinerary.

No matter whether you’re looking for the tastiest bagel, the best office for your staff to congregate, or the best timeshare owner leads, this list has all you desire.


TripAdvisor has made a name for itself for having one of the better reviewing communities on the internet. With the ever decreasing popularity of Yelp over the last few years, TripAdvisor has managed to take the top spot which means it’s the de facto place that you should be organizing what hotels to book, what destinations to visit and how to proceed in the culture you’re visiting.

There is an app for use on the go, and synchronicity with ticket purchasing options that help make your entire journey seamless.


TripIt seems fairly rudimentary on the surface, but a closer inspection reveals that it’s anything but. Almost like having a secretary in your pocket, TripIt accumulates all the information from your travel confirmation emails for hotels, cars, flights, events, and gives you a single, timed, chronological perspective on how to proceed. No more writing a long itinerary yourself! This can help you save time from actually planning and give you more time to execute the plan.


Packpoint gives you a packing list for your trip based on the destination, the upcoming weather reports, the length of stay and what date you plan to go. It can also be individually tailored. Fancy wearing shorts the whole time in the Costa Del Sol? There’s an option to tweak it. The general responsiveness and forethought Packpoint gives you is worth checking out, especially if you’ve found it difficult in the past preparing for both your business and pleasure requirements.


Circa is a simple app that gives you a list of both the time zone you occupy and also the time zone your family or friends are in. Even if you’ve received the best tan while you’re away, Circa will help you avoid that awkward 3 am phone call to your friend you forgot to plan for.

Overall, all of these travel apps benefit from good sense. Making sure that you’re in safe hands the entire route is of paramount importance. Travel broadens the mind, so making sure you’re available for it is the first step. With these apps in your arsenal, you’ll never need to worry.

4 Of The Most Awesome Travelling Resources For Business Or Personal Trips Abroad