The global COVID-19 pandemic has ruined many travel plans, and as of now, it’s just safest to stay home. I have written 5 tips for a staycation:

1. Close your laptop + turn off your phone (or go airplane mode just to get that feeling)

It’s easy to have a quick look at work email and Instagram, but it doesn’t help with feeling ‘holidayish’.

2. Happy breakfast!

Make sure to make a lovely brekkie, as you’d normally do when you’re traveling. Bonjour baguette!

3. Go. outside.

The one thing I don’t do too often at home, but always when I’m traveling: spending the full day outside.

5 tips for a staycation when travel is not safe due to the corona virus

4. Forget everything (and prep where necessary).

Make sure you leave your to-do list at home! Or at least, don’t touch it. Make sure you do the necessary tasks before and enjoy just being and enjoying life.

5. Just be, don’t plan.

Sleep in, wake-up slowly, call a friend, decide what you want to do, get a good brekkie, and just be. read a book, meet a friend, take a walk outside…. don’t over plan your staycation but plan at least two days off from planning and enjoy whatever you feel like!

5 tips for a staycation