Thanks to COVID-19, millions of families are stuck looking at the same four walls for the next few weeks or months. Consequently, then, the little problems throughout your property are more noticeable than ever. Given that you’ve probably got more time on your hands than usual too, now is the perfect time to invest in some useful home improvements.

So, what are the best home upgrades that can be implemented during the lockdown or in the weeks after? Here’s all you need to know.

1. Garden & External Improvements

Boosting your property’s curb appeal will put you in a far better mood as you return to the home after nipping out for your essentials. The smile as you enter the home will dramatically change your relationship with the property. In truth, those sentiments will ring true for years to come when you return home after a day at work or out with friends. Meanwhile, this is an ideal time to revamp the backyard. Aside from the esthetic improvements, it’s your best chance of getting fresh air and vitamin D.

2. Go Green

Due to spending more time at home, wasted energy will be more noticeable as you look at your utility bills. This is the perfect time to reduce your carbon footprint to unlock impressive financial savings. During lockdown, switching to LED lights and opting for less hazardous cleaning solutions will suffice. Once COVID-19’s impact seems set to fade, A+ insulation can significantly reduce your heat loss. It is the single biggest improvement you’ll see, although water-saving toilets are great too.

3. Declutter

Being forced to spend more time indoors can make the property seem smaller. Therefore, learning to declutter the home is another telling upgrade. You have more than enough time to go through the home and pick out items to be sold online or donated to a charity shop. This is also a good opportunity to trade bulky units for TV wall brackets or shelving that’s fixed to the walls. Creating a clutter-free home will also reduce the cleaning and maintenance. This will benefit you massively once normality returns.

4. Make Tech Upgrades

Technology plays a huge role in our daily home lives. The devices and systems can offer security, comfort, and entertainment. This is the perfect time to add surveillance cameras or use smart climate control features. Meanwhile, losing some of your unwatched TV channels in favor of Netflix or Disney+ can save money and provide hours of joy at this tough time. If you have the space to have a home-based workout space, this can be very useful for your mental wellbeing too.

5. Embrace Light

We all miss the sun. After months of early nights, it’s now impossible to fully enjoy the brighter weather. However, encouraging more natural light to enter the property can have a positive impact. Whether it’s dressing the windows correctly or painting rooms a lighter color, the entire vibe of your home can change. If you plan to paint, though, take one room at a time as it’s harder to escape the fumes during the lockdown. Still, there’s nothing to stop you completing the transformation over the next few weeks.

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