A life of working and travelling to exotic places is something that many people dream of – however, lots of them don’t take the leap. People tend to work hard throughout the year, to then go on a vacation of a few short weeks. However, working and travelling at the same time can allow you to explore more amazing places and earn while you enjoy yourself.

Below, we’ll discuss how you can enjoy a life of seamless working travel. Take a look and see if you can take away any tips:  

Remember: It Won’t Be Easy

Working while you travel is never going to be something easy. Everybody would be doing it if it were. You’ll need to build a lifestyle around it. You’ll need passion, energy, time management skills, and more to make it work.

How To Get Started

Many people have the misconception that travelling requires a lot of money. This isn’t always the case. With proper management and knowledge, your trips can stay well under budget. It’s a good idea to plan your travel and working trip with a renowned travel agency from your area. This way, you can enjoy a properly managed trip, as well as some amazing inexpensive flights, and discounts on hotel accommodations and transport.

Why Work And Travel?

Research suggests that having more multicultural experiences and working in exotic surroundings will enable you to generate more creative work. You’ll always decrease stress, so your productivity will be maximized. You’ll likely also enjoy greater job satisfaction, more open communication with team members and better work-life balance, compared to regular employees.

Job Ideas

There are quite a few things you can do while you work and travel. Here are some suggestions:

  • Blogging – just bear in mind it can take a while before your blog starts making you money, but it can be a great source of passive income. You never know, you might even receive free trips as a travel blogger.
  • Becoming a tour guide – if you have a good knowledge of the area and a great personality, this role could be suited to you.
  • Bar work – there are many quick courses that can make you a dab hand at bar work.
  • Restaurant work – restaurant work is also an option.
  • Freelancing – you could design logos, write content, or do something else remotely providing you have a portable laptop and an internet connection.

Of course, you can also be creative and think outside of the box. Create your own job. Or look into the highest paying states for nurses if you want to continue doing meaningful work as you travel. If you’re determined to travel and work, you can make it work.

Plan To Spend Time Away From Work

Working while you travel can leave you on a tight schedule, so make sure you plan in times you’re going to explore. If you’re working for yourself it can be a good idea to give yourself a hard cut off time.

Preparing The Correct Visas And Documentation

Making sure you have the right visas and documentation for where you plan on working is imperative. Find out what you need to do well in advance so you have them prepared before you travel. Bear in mind that if you plan on going somewhere like Australia, you’re likely to be very limited to the work you can do when you first get there.

Quick Tips For Seamless Work And Travel

  • Stay in a place longer so you can explore more and have time to work without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. You may find that you need a minimum of 5 days to 1 week in a place to achieve the perfect work-travel balance.
  • Never compare yourself to people who travel without other responsibilities. This is your own journey, so enjoy it. You’re doing something different, so don’t expect to be able to do everything these ‘pure’ travellers do.
  • Do your best to have some savings when you travel so you have something for emergencies. It can be a good idea to have one year of savings behind you, just in case you find yourself out of work for a while or with a slow week/month.

Working and travelling is going to be unlike anything you’ve done before. You’ll need to learn to manage your time like a boss, and find yourself able to work in the most pressing of circumstances. If you decide to go freelance for instance, you can’t always wait around for the perfect circumstances to work in. However, it’ll be one of the best things you decide to do!