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Chanel’s bowling alley, created by… Triomf!


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Ooooh when I saw this I was soo sad that I wasn’t an intern at Triomf anymore! I had to do two official internships for Uni, and one of them I did at creative production & event company Triomf. They create magical things, and recently one of those things was… the Chanel bowling alley in Paris! SO AMAZING! Earlier this month, Chanel released a whimsical fragrance ad that featured catwalker Rianne van Rompaey bowling with perfume bottles. Now the French house is bringing the ad to life, installing bowling lanes at Cinema Paradiso in Paris’ Grand Palais. The lanes will be open through June 26—Chanel perfume and couture clothing not included. But who cares. This is amazing. Woaah, too bad I’m not planning on visiting Paris any time soon.. but well done boys, I’m proud!

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