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The Day After Tomorrow: Presidential elections 2016 USA


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For the past four years, I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow. I am not American, but I am a political junkie. For the longest time, I secretly wished it would be Clinton vs Bush again. That didn’t work out, it turned out something different… more spectacular but maybe not the election I hoped for. I learned from this election already. For months I didn’t think Trump would make it and I didn’t take his campaign seriously. But he did. Anything can happen.

A lot of people I know voted early, but please remember if you are American, it doesn’t matter what you vote, as long as you vote, it will change the world, not just your country. 

I’m getting ready calming my nerves already to stay chill and realizing that Barack + Michelle will be officially gone within three months ☹️. No matter who wins, it will be legendary (again!)

Let’s hope we know more the day after tomorrow… (accidentally that’s also a disaster film lol)

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