If you’re travelling, whether going on a family holiday or taking a long trip across multiple continents then you need to make sure you take the right equipment. There are many costly mistakes to avoid, but you can mitigate a huge chunk of lost cash and time by taking the right equipment in the first place. You need to properly analyse exactly where you are going and then be smart and work out what you will need.

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My carry on long-haul essentials for backpackers, digital nomads and city trippers

Insect Repellant

Sometimes you can only get the best repellant before you actually take the trip. If you only forget then you may be left without anything as the stores in the nation you visit may not stock it because everyone there is pretty much used to the bugs. This is especially the case if you’re going off the beaten track and into the wild. Mosquito repellant is the most worthwhile to take because they are pretty much in the majority of hot countries. Generic repellant can help you steer clear of wasps and nasty flies too though, so if you think there’s a chance you may be going somewhere where bugs dwell, take some repellant. You can find some of the better ones here. You should also check your other medication and sunscreen to check it doesn’t actually attract insects too. Before you go you need to check what kinds of injections you need. You cannot skip this step, as illnesses like malaria can be easily contracted without the correct precautions.

Take Appropriate Equipment To Pass The Time

There may be a plane journey that takes a day, or maybe you’re riding a ship to a new city and it’ll take more than a day. When you go travelling the actual travelling can become supremely tedious if you haven’t brought anything to pass the time. Time will drag, and you’ll quickly grow miserable. A tablets a good bet, as you can store both books and movies on it. Make sure you get a good app for watching movies too. Being able to stream or download movies is great and you can catch up on some missed TV in your downtime. You can also play music and games through a tablet, giving you a threefold entertainment system which is small enough to fit into any bag or rucksack.

Take Good Quality Footwear

You need to be careful when selecting all clothing, of course. But footwear comes top of the list. This is because you don’t want to be left on treacherous, slippery, or muddy ground in a pair of flipflops. Make sure you consider the terrain you’ll be travelling and purchase appropriate footwear. If you’re going to be climbing hills and mountains you need hiking boots, if you’re going to be exploring snowy landscapes then take some cleats. Preparation is key, if you get the wrong footwear you may not be able to purchase more at your end location and it could result in a slip or trip that ends in a broken ankle.

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