The moment that you decide to take the leap and build a business for yourself is a big one. It’s the time in life when you finally decide your daydreams are no longer sufficient, and you’re going to try and make your ideas into a reality. It’s scary and exciting all at once.

From that point onward, the hard work begins. The decision to try and create a business is one thing, and it’s not to be dismissed as it’s a decision that can take years to get to. However, when you finally begin to investigate the reality of joining the ranks of startups, you will find yourself faced with an endless array of decisions.

Making decisions is never simple, but when it’s something as important as your entire business and career future – well, there’s no doubt you’re doubling up on the concerns there. At first sight, some of the decisions you have to make seem like no-brainers that you’ll get wrapped up in no time at all – then you realize they’re actually anything but…

The Name Of Your Business

This should be easy, right?

You know what your business is going to do. You probably already know the kind of business names that appeal to you. Now all you need to do is pick a name; what could be easier than that?

Turns out… almost anything. Choosing a business name is a vital step for your company, and it’s one you will probably struggle with. You’re trying to find a single word – or a phrase – that sums up your entire enterprise. It sums up what you want to achieve, your hopes, your dreams, as well as offering information on what your business is about.

How Do You Decide? Try names out for as long as possible. Imagine yourself answering the phone with a name, giving out an email address, or opening a talk to introduce your business. When you find ‘the one’, you’ll know it, so don’t be worried about how long it takes you to get to that point. This is a big deal.

What Your Business Is Going To Do

This is a fundamental, right? So how is it even a decision? You’d be surprised.

You might know the sphere in which you want to work; selling products or services in a specific niche. That’s the easy bit. You then have to decide what products you’re going to sell or which services you’re going to start with. Do you go with all your ideas from the start, or hold some back for future launches?

How Do You Decide? Most businesses will benefit from a soft start. Go slowly, with a small number of products or just a couple of highly related services. If you start trying to do too much right from the beginning, you’re going to run into trouble when it comes to time management. So start small and then look to expand as your business grows.

Where You’re Going To Work From

A lot of businesses start from someone’s home, which is fine – if it works for you. If you choose this route, it can seem like this isn’t even a decision at all.

However, any guide to working from home will insist that you designate an office space. Somewhere that you can close the door on when your working day is done, and enjoy the rest of your home as a living space. So are you going to do that, follow all the advice? Or are you going to work from your sofa and then set the laptop aside when the day is done?

If you’re going to be launching your business from dedicated premises, this question is all the more loaded. It’s not as simple as finding space you can afford and moving in. There’s a thousand little decisions along the way you will have to contemplate.

How Do You Decide? While the guides might suggest you need a dedicated office space, this isn’t a necessity. In fact, setting up premises or an office in your own home might be a waste of time that could otherwise be spent building your business in functional ways. This is the early stage; you can worry about where you work from in the future but, at the beginning, just do what you can with what you have.

Decisions made, you can now focus on getting your business off the ground without any concerns lingering in the background!

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