Job seekers need to understand something important: the global energy mix is about to change. We’re going to be moving away from a world of coal and oil, and into one of wind and photovoltaics. It’s not going to happen because of “climate change” or some government program – it’s going to happen as a simple consequence of economics.

For years the prices of these technologies have been falling exponentially. And so far, the evidence is that they are going to continue to fall. Once this happens, millions of people will make the switch to renewable energy, thanks to lower prices, and millions of new jobs will be created.

In fact, the process is already underway. Here are some green job opportunities available to job seekers looking for work right now. 

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Renewable Energy Engineer

Engineers will play a big role in the upcoming green energy revolution. They will be the people who play a central role in first implementing a new technology. It will be the engineers who come up with solar panels that look exactly like regular roofing tiles, and it will be the engineers who first deliver new models of wind turbines or new design ideas for solar farms.

For people who are interesting in a green engineering career, there are loads of opportunities in everything from landfill gas to green fuel. It’s worth investing in global renewable energy training as a first step to finding out more about the industry before switching careers. But if you do decide to make a move, you’ll find that the pay is a lot higher. Some wind farm engineers make over six figures.

Solar Fabricator And Installer

If you’ve stared out over the rooftops of any modern, industrial city in the last year, you’ll have noticed something: practically everybody these days seems to have solar panels on their roofs. Right now there’s a massive demand for people to install solar panels and the pay isn’t bad either.

Currently, solar panel installers can earn between $15 and $20 an hour. Many of them have experience in construction or are mechanics or electricians. The cool thing about solar installation is that you don’t need a college degree and can earn between $60,000 and $80,000 a year, according to paysite Payscale.

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Wind Farm Developer

We already discussed how wind farm engineers could make a lot of money. But what about wind farm developers. In the UK, the government has recently given the go-ahead for some of the largest wind power projects in the world. There’s a need, therefore for people who are able to manage these projects and do things like purchase land and secure the necessary legal agreements. That’s the job of a certified wind farm developer. These people are hired by wind farm companies to overcome regulatory hurdles and resistance from local communities and just get the job done.

According to those in the industry, being a wind farm engineer is a fulfilling career path to go down and a top job in the industry. Many developers get a sense of satisfaction that they are replacing old forms of energy, like coal.