Illness is one of those things that can feel like something you’re never going to escape. For those that get a major illness or a chronic illness like Endometriosis, whether it’s in relation to mental health or a debilitating virus, the recovery can be a long road! So when it comes to fighting back from the brink of illness, what do we all need to help us through? 

Calm The Stress Symptoms

Illness is bad enough as it is, let alone the stress we pile on ourselves when we struggle to cope. Because the worries of being in on a long-term basis can compound the symptoms, we need to tackle the stressful impact face on. This means understanding exactly how you cope with stress and learning to make a positive change in life. We all have different ways of coping with stress, but you need to remember that stress is, in many ways, something that can manifest itself physically. It’s not just in the mind, so you need to understand how to calm your mind and your body. On here there are some simple but effective exercises to calm anxiety. If you can learn to manage your anxiety, this is going to put you in a much better mindset to fight this illness.

Let Others Help You

We all feel that we don’t need charitable handouts on occasion, but if people want to help you, you should let them! You can be stuck in the role of feeling that you need to be strong and have to push through when in actual fact, you need that bit of extra help. It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes we have so many different pressures in our lives that we cannot cope. Unfortunately, it doesn’t manifest itself until we are on the brink! Sometimes, this is too late. Depending on the nature of your own illness, letting others take the burden, either personally, or professionally, gives you the opportunity to relax for a short while! The anxiety many people feel after a missed diagnosis of their condition oo late to rectify can leave you feeling angry and betrayed. Remember, there are people around who love you and wants to help you. So let them!

Prioritize Yourself

Much like those that feel too proud to ask for help, they muddle through and spend more time on the welfare of others than themselves. When you are so gravely ill, you need to stop, assess your own situation, and give yourself that time you so desperately need. Regardless of illness, taking the opportunity to realize when you need rest and recuperation, and actually going through with it means you will recover quicker, but you’re also taking that important step to chronic illness self-care. We don’t always prioritize ourselves, but if we don’t, then how are we going to get better?

Illness, in all of its forms, is a beast of a burden, and it feels like it’s something that will never end, so you need to follow these three rules to give yourself the opportunity to cope and, hopefully, to get better.

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