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Working from home has become the new norm since last March for many of us and remote working has become the backbone of many industries in the business world. Working at your own house can be great in many different ways such as managing your own working hours to being able to wear your sweats - and it can be a great way to learn independence. There are of course some downsides to working at home though such as distractions, lack of human contact, and motivation. One thing you might easily forget to do in your own home office is to have a deep clean now and again to keep it hygienic and safe. Cleaning your home office is something that can be easy to forget when you are in there working hard every day; but today we want to show you some signs that your office is in need of a deep clean this week. The plants are fuzzy Most of us choose a room at home to set up our office that has a window and plenty of natural light - and a plant or two for good measure. Plants in the working space are great for bringing oxygen to the room as well as relaxation - but plants can develop mould over time if the air is not clean. A sure fire sign that you should clean your home office is that your plants start to gain a white fuzz on their soil. You start seeing mould Speaking of mould, another thing that is a sign you haven’t cleaned your home office often enough is the presence of mould around the window. You should ideally clean your windows once a week to keep them clear, bright, and to ensure that you don’t develop mould. If you haven’t cleaned your window for a while a block mould will start to form and this is dangerous for the body as it is an irritant to the chest. Ensure that you clean often enough and keep your home office safe. The air feels stale If you are sitting in your office and you can smell or feel a stale atmosphere around you - this is a sign that you need better ventilation and that the carpet needs a deep clean. Carpets should be steam cleaned once or twice a year and this will allow you to enjoy a fresh working space that is hygienic and free of pests. You see pests One huge sign that your office is not clean enough is the presence of a number of different pests. From flies to wood lice and more - pests can be dangerous to you and they feed on detritus meaning if they are present it is likely you need to clean your home better. You can call an exterminator now to get rid of the problem and then clean your office deeply to ensure that they don’t come back. Keep your workspace clean this January and beyond for a healthier new year working at home.
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