So you’ve managed to grow your credit score and now have a score that is in the green, which means that you are able to buy a house of your home. As long as you have saved a deposit, that is. The fact is that a home will most probably be the largest purchase that you ever make, so when it comes to who you borrow the funds from, it pays to take the time to ensure that you are making the right choice.

You will most probably still be paying off your mortgage in 20 years time, maybe even longer, so it’s important to ensure that you pick the right provider and get the best deal possible. Bearing that in mind, below are some tips that should help you to ensure that when it comes to picking a mortgage, you go with an option that is a perfect fit for you.

Research the different types of mortgages

When it comes to mortgages, there are a variety of different types to choose from. A lot of first-time buyers make the mistake of thinking that there is only one mortgage type and go for the first mortgage that they see. However, it’s important to understand that there are various mortgage options.

The two main mortgage types are fixed rate and variable rate mortgages; fixed-rate mortgages have a fixed rate of interest applied to the entirety of the loan, whereas variable mortgages have interest rates that go up and down. There are also discount mortgages, tracker mortgages, capped rate mortgages, and offset mortgages, each of which differs slightly. Take your time reading up about, and researching, each option, to ensure that you select the right one for you.

If you’re planning a home buying adventure abroad, somewhere where it’s always sunny and relaxed, you need to do even more research. Mortgages differ per country, and it’s easy to make a big mistake, as many have been there before you. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to learn more about buying property abroad, make sure you do some research into overseas mortgage guidance – for example, you can find some helpful resources on the Simon Conn website here:

Read up about different providers

Once you have an idea of which mortgage type you would like to go for, the next step is to research different providers. The best way to ensure that a company is legitimate is to research them and see how well known they are. It’s also worth reading reviews about the company and the service that they provide. A website like, which specializes in mortgage lending, can act as useful resources.

Don’t rush the process of researching the lenders that you are considering using, instead take the time to do in-depth research into each and every one.

Determine your budget and use a mortgage interest calculator

Before you select a mortgage provider to go with, it’s important to think about your budget. Obviously, you want to get the best deal for the lowest price, but it’s not just about the price, you also need to consider the company that you are going with and whether they are reliable.

Work out what you can afford to pay each month towards your mortgage and the period that you would like to pay the money back over, and then pick a provider that can meet your needs. Some companies offer short-term mortgages, while others offer longer-term ones, so it’s just a case of finding a company that can cater to your specific needs.

Adult life isn’t easy; it comes with a lot of hard decisions, such as choosing the perfect mortgage provider for instance. Hopefully, however, the tips and advice above will help to make the process of finding the ideal company to go with a little easier.


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