The holiday season is always the most exciting time of the year for businesses. Q4 yields the most profits, shoppers go crazy, and you have the festive cheer buzzing around the office. Everyone seems to get along a lot better when there’s a Christmas tree in the corner and decorations everywhere. Not to mention the Christmas party that always goes down in history!

However, things are a little different for lots of businesses this year. There’s every chance you’re still working from home, meaning the usual festive cheer isn’t present in your office. Don’t fear, you can still raise some spirits while the whole office works from home this year!

Here are a few ideas you’re more than welcome to try out:

Fancy dress Zoom meetings

Add some joy to your Zoom meetings (or whatever meetings app you use) by encouraging employees to dress in festive clothing. Even if they just put on a Santa hat, it can make people smile. They start getting in the festive swing of things and the whole call becomes more enjoyable. One really cool idea is to do an advent calendar type thing where you dress up in festive clothing or fancy dress for every day in December. Again, it’s just a little something to get people in the mood. 

Set up a Secret Santa

Secret Santa should be part of every single office in the world. It’s one of the things that gets people so excited about Christmas at work. There’s lots of banter with joke presents – it’s just a great laugh. Obviously, as you’re not in the office together, it’s harder to do it this year. But, it’s not impossible! You can set things up on sites like Elfster where all the different names are put in a virtual hat and you get emailed your selection. Then, you all go off and buy the presents, then have a Zoom call where they get opened. Crack open a few drinks and it can be a very hilarious time!


Host a virtual Christmas party

On the topic of drinks, you can still have them together – just in a virtual capacity. Obviously, you could still organize to go to a restaurant or a bar as well. However, I think you need to do a virtual party as well – it seems so un-2020 to not do this. Someone can organize the whole thing and play different party games via video call. At the very least, it’s an excuse to have another Christmas party if you do decide to go out as well! Plus, it’s a genius idea if you can’t all meet up for a traditional shin-dig. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting quite excited just reading through these ideas. People will definitely be in the festive spirit if you implement all of these suggestions into your schedule. It’s been a weird year for everyone, least of all your employees. They’re used to working together in an office and enjoying the festivities in December. This is one step to making things seem ‘normal.’

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